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    this is a sad state of affairs

    I know, but they don't, do they? I always thought, and at every school I've ever been to, master is 4th dan and above. If I'm wrong about that, then it's news to me.
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    this is a sad state of affairs

    Ummm, how do you figure you're a master according to the WTF if you're a 1st dan?
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    Difference between WTF and KKW standards in poomsae

    I'm assuming you're talking about moving down the middle line when you punch, and then move the hands, I honestly think it looked much better the way we did it back then. In fact, it's funny. I just posted a thread about this type of thing.
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    being creative with poomsae

    I was away from competitive taekwondo for nearly 20 years, and when I watch poomsae competitions or see the official kukkiwon videos, I am kind of dissapointed. I think the way we used to do them looked much better, and made more sense. Basically, I'm talking about speed changes, but there are...
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    Remenber this guy???

    They're making a new album. This is great, because even though I like Sammy Hagar better as a solo act, Van Halen is much better with David Lee Roth.
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    Qualifying for Nationals

    Hey, everybody. Sorry if This has already been covered. I didn't see any discussion on a cursory search. I've been away from competitive taekwondo for about 20 years, but I'm forming a team, and was just trying to figure out what all these National Qualifiers are. Back in the day, you...
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    Two Taekwondo contestants have altercation before contest

    Why would you arbitrarily punish both kids. Ever if I hadn't just read what the witness said, my first response to this post would have been to ask what if one of the kids was merely defending himself. This is why I despise these zero tolerance policies
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    Looking for a TKD school in No Virginia

    Visit Jason Yi's Taekwondo college in Reston. Mr. Chris and Mr. Ben are great instructors and Master Jason's whole program is fantastic.
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    Well here we go again

    Everybody who commented is right in saying you're doing the right thing. I want to add my personal congratulations for being man enough to let your son work with somebody else because that's what you both believe is best for him at this point. Unfortunately, when I was competing, I had a...
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    stepping forward in forms

    I'm noticing a lot of schools teaching an in and out motion when steping forward like from one apkubi to another in poomsae lately. Is this something that Kukkiwon teaches? I remember one time about 20 years or so ago, I picked that up from watching some Karate people do it because I thought...
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    Pre Cut breaking boards

    Thanks. I did notice the difference in the grain, but I was wondering how that happens? I was wondering if it was just from a different part of the tree. Terry, what do you mean by prefabricated?
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    Pre Cut breaking boards

    I never had any experience with pre cut breaking boards until recently, and I'm trying to figure out why they're so much easier to break than boards you buy at Home Depot and cut yourself. I mean the thinner boards are one thing, but even the one inch boards that presumably should be the same...
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    Are the best really the best???

    The best are often not actually the ones who go to the top. Not only are there the money issues, but you also have certain masters who out of jealousy, fear of losing their instructor, or for whatever other reason won't allow them to get together with other athletes and coaches who can enable...
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    Developing a Hook Kick and Spin Hook Kick

    stand against a wall and use it for support only while you verrrrrry slowly practice using perfect form on your hook kick. Do not lean fully against the wall, but rather use it to maintain your balance. Once your hook kick is down, there are a lot of things you can do to improve the spin hook...
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    Century VTS Wave Master

    I used to have a marketing dvd for the ssaurabi, and it is just absolutely amazing.