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    That is very similar to what I tell my students so that they remember which side to attach the patch ( which happens to be our MSK patch) "place it over your heart where it is closest."
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    Talking about belts

    I received a plain ole black belt for passing my 1st dan about nine months ago. Actually, I am supposed to get an embroidered belt but it has not come for some reason. At first I was a little put out about this and sort of thought that my testing efforts were not enough for my superiors. Now...
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    Myself doing a Kata

    First and foremost...I wish I lived wherever that was filmed. :) I don't understand why you are being hard on yourself. I do not know your art but the Kata is very nice. Being of the TKD background, the only thing I could possibly consider (even on a stretch) is that the striking techniques...
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    Kenpo demo in the Netherlands

    Thanks for the follow up, sir. I have saved the youtube link to my favorites. I am practicing the bo staff and would consider it an honor if you allow me to use it as a training tool. I think it needs to be said that beyond the staff from that I am so impressed with that I am as deeply...
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    Kenpo demo in the Netherlands

    Thank you, sir. Is there a name for the staff form? I really liked the demo presented here. Thanks again. [edit post: no offense but thanked arnisador mistakenly. I wanted to thank nlkenpo...sorry beginners luck.]
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    Rochester Pekiti-Tirsia

    Wonderful! Thank you so much, sir.
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    Moo Sul Kwan

    Dear Matt M. I seem to be coming in on the tail end of this conversation. can you direct me to the pictures in mention on this thread? Did I miss something at convention? BTW: GM J.R. West was the bomb! We were working a choke involving nerve manipulation on the back of the neck and I couldn't...
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    Lost the knee braces battle

    I have recently changed over to blackberry and lost some of my contacts...yours being one of them. Please get in touch. I will get in touch! In the mean time, keep pushing! HOSHIN!
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    newbie been out of a bit

    thanks to you both for your generous replies. HOSHIN!
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    Injury update Feb '09

    wishing you the best for your family and your medical issue, sir! I happen to be under similar circumstances. Like my Grandmother used to tell me "this soon will pass."
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    I don't know Chon-ji

    As an Il gup getting ready for my 1st Dan test I was reviewing my poomsae. during this time I decided that I hadn't fully understood the first form in my organization's system. GGM Lee H. Park kept part of the Chang Han forms in our system and the thought occurred to me that I had not fully...
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    Lost the knee braces battle

    Matt: being on the "older" side of of the MA I understand your grief. Hang in there partner. I wear my braces 4-5 days a week when training / teaching. Thing is...if you stop, it only gets worse. Fight like HE11! HOSHIN!
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    newbie been out of a bit

    terryl965: Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I am aware of the other area but the majority of the people on MT that I know frequent this area. Sorry if i miss-placed the thread. On top of all, my area of living has experienced an ice storm recently and I have been displaced from my home for...
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    newbie been out of a bit

    Grettings to all! I logged in for the first time quite a while back but have been least since December. Thought I would fill you all in. My Mother was a victom of breast cancer. During her recovery/chemo therapy she experienced a double stroke due to arterial blockage...
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    What are you hiding in your car?

    Sorry, I love traditional weaponry but in my ole truck there is always my trusty Springfield 1911 :ultracool 380 is usually in the back pocket or on the ankle. I had an instructor tell me once when I was a white belt that "the invention of gun powder laid to rest many a good martial artists."...