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    Typhoon Haiyan Relief Seminar - Raleigh, NC

    orry for the short notice, but for these types of tragedies, its best to act quickly and while it is fresh in everyone's mind. This Saturday, November 23, 2013 - Foundations Seminar to Benefit Victims of Typhoon Haiyan Location: Triangle Kung Fu Arnis Academy 3601 Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC...
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    FOUNDATIONS Seminar to Benefit GM BOBBY TABOADA (Raleigh, NC 9/10)

    Just a heads up! The last day they will be blocking hotel rooms for the seminar will be tomorrow, August 26th! Look forward to seeing everyone there.
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    new school opening in Indian Trail, NC

    Thanks! We hope so too! Please do look us up if you are in the Charlotte area. -Brian
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    new school opening in Indian Trail, NC

    Just wanted to announce the opening of Corey Family Martial Arts in Indian Trail, NC. We opened our doors last month (Sept. 2010) and are very excited about this venture. We are offering classes in Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Balintawak. We also run an afterschool program...
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    Teeth in Mortal Combat

    speechless.....(and not because I'm busy biting something/someone)
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    The Passing of Bob Quinn

    I only met him once, at the camp in Brevard. However I was most impressed with how "real" he was. He would talk and discuss Modern Arnis with anyone, regardless of rank, and was truly genuine about it. Whenever I have heard his name since I have been reminded of the content of his character...
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    The difference between the Villasin style and Teovels Balintawak

    Jan, I tried to watch these videos, but could not make out what your translator was saying. Can you give us a narrative of what was said?
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    Balintawak Grouping Systems

    How about some specifics there Jan? How many years have you been learning Villasin Balintawak? How many months/years did it take for you to be able to tell the difference? a year, 5 years, 10 years? Other than these small differences in the grouping system, how is Villasin Balintawak you are...
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    anyone heard of this style?

    Like he said, there isn't a time limit on finding and stating the truth and clearing up lies and misconceptions. I say kudos to you. I learned from one of Church's students over 15 years ago. I came across this thread several years ago and read it in horror, and can say that the claims...
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    Qualities of your best teacher(s)

    Several qualities that I have been so fortunate to enjoy from my teachers have already been listed. However, I have learned just as much (maybe more) from bad teachers. Seeing how to NOT DO things is just as powerful an influence on us. Thinking back to grade school - which teachers do we...
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    New FCS-Kali Charlotte, NC Rep

    :headbangin: (couldn't resist) Thanks for the plug Harold! The family and I are settled in to the new pad. Back is a little sore (moving really stinks), but I'm ready to start teaching again. I love this stuff!
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    Tuhon Ray Dionaldo NC 2008 Regional Seminar!!!

    A limited number of sarongs have been made and will be available. FCS embroidered hats will also be there - only 6 available. First come, first serve!
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    Tuhon Ray Dionaldo NC 2008 Regional Seminar!!!

    I think I will stay the night in G-boro for this one. Gas is so expensive it would be just as much for me to get the hotel room as drive back down to Charlotte. If anyone going would like to split a hotel room, drop me a PM.
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    Tuhon Ray Dionaldo NC 2008 Regional Seminar!!!

    Count me in. Been planning on going to this since last year's seminar! If you haven't been to one of Ray's seminars; you've been missing out. See you guys there!
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    A Uniquely Early 21st Century Crime - What Would You Do?

    screw that - my first shot would be in the air. Whoever is still in my house after that is fair game. I am a firm believer in the castle doctrine.