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  • I would really like his contact info. I know you would probably need his permission first, but have him contact me or leave me his info. Anyway that sounds awesome and it sounds like your enjoying yourself. Please keep me updated. Thanks. P.S. my # is 815-715-6626.
    i just started training with this fellow yesterday. he started off by teaching me the sil lum tao form, according to the moy yat version. i learned the form years ago in the early eighties but it was done a little differently. we did the form several times and then we did it standing on one foot. we are getting together on saturday and i am going to train with his other students and get to meet them as well. i guess he has been training them for about two years or so. he is also an instructor in another art which is a blend of various arts. he is a nice kid. i can keep you posted on the kinds of things we do. another resource for the moy yat system is the book, wing chun compendium, by wayne belahona. its available on amazon.com. im going to try to figure out how to add you to my friends list on here. if i can figure it out.
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