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    Why you should never be a bully

    I saw this a month back or so. As a former overweight child and the constant bullying was almost too much. I am glad he fought back. It makes me so mad sometimes! Some kids try and try and cannot lose weight. Perhaps their parents cannot help because they don't know any better. But everyone has...
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    Conflicting instruction from senior black belts

    In our dojang unless a bb is an official instructor you respectfully acknowledge their comments but are not required to implement them. You can ask an assistant instructor or the sabumnim after class or if the bb is being...."persistent," we tell them thank you but the sabumnim has final word...
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    The testing was changed to this evening. I just got home from it. I did the best I could. The following was required and I completed for red belt: 100 full pushups on fingertips cardio sparring step sparring forms terminlogy self defense grappling breaking - tonight i completed 6 breaks -...
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    If practice is a relief for nerves then I should be almost asleep with peace;) I have practiced a ton, then when I thought that was enough, I practiced more. I feel like I am as prepared as possible but some how I feel like I am forgetting something.
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    Will do, thanks much! I am starting to get super nervous.
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    Checking out a few TKD schools in Arizona

    WOW, THOSE FORMS MADE MY EYES BLEED AS WELL, JEEZ! Teaching speed or not...the stances were horrible, and all the bouncing made me silly! Chon-Ji was horrible.
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    Well folks its that time of year again, I'M TESTING TOMMORROW! I'm not quite as nervous as last time but MUCH more will be expected of me this time around. I am up on my terminology and such...but my ground game is not as tight as I want it to be - I don't do enough outside of class and not...
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    Most Disprepectful Thing

    Two: In my first club I sparred with a black belt who was the owners son. I was just a green belt but was doing well against him. I was probaly 13 years old, he was 14 or 15...(don't get me started on the child bb) He become so angry that he flew into a fit of fury and tried to blow out my knee...
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    Do You Like Transfer Students?

    I will say this. Speaking AS a transfer student it can get confusing in the sense of rank. I think that if you transfer from another TKD school, and they are credible, you should have to prove yourself. This is what I am doing. I started at white but at my first testing due to by sparring...
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    Gross out for some

    To quote myself, "hiv or whatever," so yes I am fully aware of blood borne pathogens:) It sounds like your friend had a small cut, so therefore bacteria or viral agents got into it and it became infected or he became sick, sounds like the first. That had to be horrible. I know our floor in the...
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    Gross out for some

    No offense taken (but usually when someone starts out with that, it’s going to be offensive). I am here asking for help. The fact is you cannot get HIV or whatever because blood is on a bag, you have to have an open wound, the same with sweat, tears, saliva. I have to get it in your mouth...
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    Gross out for some

    Yes! thank you.
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    Gross out for some

    EXACTLY THANK YOU!! Its horrible, stress, food, weather all cause it to flair! Its freaking hard!! I was looking at the mma gloves, I just need something that breathes a bit, and I just have good motion with hands and fingers, anybody use a glove that way? Just to cusion my knuckles a bit.
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    Gross out for some

    I agree, and I do for the most part, but at the same time, we are expected to work through some pain as long as its not harmful. My docs says its okay, just need to get something padded to help encourage the skin for a while.
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    No Sparring = No Rank Advancement

    LOVE IT! I have seen new people off the street walk into class, sabumnim has them sparring that night.