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    Ring vs battlefield versions of MAs

    This quote sums up my opinion. If you take away all the deadly tools available to the battlefield trained soldier and play my sport I will win. Not exactly surprising. Now take a fully armed military unit and have a similar sized group of experienced MMA fighters go at it in an actual...
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    What Else Is There?

    I left for similar reasons and I found that the reality is that if there are people involved there are politics. Some of what you describe is not politics but underhanded business practice. They are different things IMO. I looked for places that had no contracts, no child care like services...
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    Doubts about your own art?

    I had doubts and I started looking at different arts and finally I was at a class and realized I finally found what I was looking for in a martial art. Explore your options, make the best choice you can in your area and run with it. ~Rob
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    How Many Kata are necessary?

    Like any art the quality of instruction trumps all. I don't think the number of forms (within reason) matters. I knew about 25+ forms in Tang Soo Do after about 8 years and really had not learned anything about them but the movements. They of course taught me some body mechanics but I really...
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    Union thuggery and Hurricane victims...

    There are some unions that need crushed but I don't think the Electrical Workers is one of them. I don't see enough data to form any broad opinions from this article. ~Rob
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    Towns in Sandy's path did little to prepare for floods

    Being from New York State this isn't surprising, people don't comprehend or accept what hurricane implies, hurricanes are things that happen in to New Orleans (where I live now). They are bad storms to most people up their. My family is like this. People down here who have never experienced a...
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    Obama supporters who don't support obama policies...

    This demonstrates the ignorance of Americans in general, not just Obama supporters. I personaly know many devout Republicans who would fall for the same trick. Many people I know, Democrat or Republican, could not tell you what SOPA stands for, what the Patriot act changed, who passed TARP, or...
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    Screw PETA

    When I was a kid these losers pushed to stop the fur industry where I lived. Their plan to raise awareness was to raise about a hundred raccoon and sell them for pets. Later after the money ran out they put down a hundred raccoon. The very animals they were "saving". Now the fur industry is...
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    Fort Hood...not benefits to dead and wounded...

    The military will not implicate itself as being incapable of weeding out terrorists from its ranks. ~Rob
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    Baguazhang applications

    Our Kune Tao Teacher is a huge fan of Baguazhang, it was his first and probably his primary style. We have been walking the circle for a bit and he showed us just a couple apps. What he showed us was closer, often body to body, than the first video but similar. They are some of the most vicious...
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    Grossest thing you ever saw in martial arts? (in person)

    I saw a kid hit his shin with a sword, it was sharpened and made a nice gash all the way into the calf muscle, he apparently didnt quite realize it right away and took a a step or so before falling over. Another sword incident, some genius thought it was wise to let his teacher (I assume) chop...
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    Obama's 2008 campaign promise scorecard

    Some of the compromises and stalled should be promise broken in my opinion, overall it seems better than the slants you get with fox news and cnn. ~Rob
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    If it was George W. Bush in office...

    So does the left, they both do. It seems like if you disagree with the left they label you as champion for the rich and part of a hate group. The right is no better like you said. The parties have become so polarized that they are absurd. ~Rob
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    Tae kwon Do in the school systems questions

    I know some instances of home schooled children that use Martial Arts to fulfill a gym requirement. They might be an additional audience. ~Rob
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    TaeKwonDo sparrring: Does it resemble your forms?

    I wasn't taught that it was preparation for a punch either (at first I was). I have noticed the apps in Silat, Kung Fu, and TSD are very similar, especially in the upper body. The base is different in each art and it changes things like where a person lands from a throw, whether the head or...