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    Anyone To-Shin Do?

    Yes, Gary is still very much active on that board... Well, I have no reason to doubt you, but that is pretty hard to cross-check;) What I do remember is that there were posts ranging from Jeff Mueller to Ralph Severe...neither of whom has anything to do with To Shin Do. As far as notifying...
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    Anyone To-Shin Do?

    I can only ever recall two To Shin Do people actively participating in discussion on the internet. One is Gary Arthur--who is relatively new to TSD and still seems to be going through a zealot phase--who continues to post, not realizing(or caring) about the 'PR' damage he does to his...
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    Anyone have any Endust?

    Mostly on topic: Do any of you in Japan, who are closer to this decision, know if Rumiko's rank has been removed/revoked/no-longer-recognized as well? She is co-founder of To Shin Do after all...and if not, what is the significance of that from a japanese cultural standpoint?
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    Dojo layout

    I've always heard the East wall for the Kamidana--land of the rising sun... I don't know about the doorway, or if it has a traditional layout.
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    Interesting Video Clip

    Just thought I might add, for those who do not know, that this is white belt technique and concept. "Earth" level stuff. So obviously it is intended to be basic. But it's good basics, in terms of self defense. Establishing boundaries, using loud verbal commands, and assuming a...
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    Togakure-ryu Ninpo Taijutsu Kihon DVD

    The DVD covers the Ten Ryaku no Maki from the Tenchijin. Mr Hayes specifically mentions what has been said here, that gyokko and koto made up the majority of the togakure ryu ninja's physical combat.
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    Kusari Fundo

    I wonder how many other geeks laughed as hard as I did at this...
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    Shadows of Iga

    Shadows of Iga, I guess, would be called the umbrella name for Stepen K Hayes' classical studies programs. It is the portion of To Shin Do that allows for people to test for Bujinkan ranking, but it is still Hayes' curriculum drawn from the TenChiJin Ryaku no Maki and various ryuha gata...
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    ninjutsu & Marines

    I believe Jack Hoban was one of many advisors on the Marine Corps Martial Art curriculum. I do not now how much, if any, he contributed to the system, though.
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    Koryu Karate

    You know, I'm not a part of the Genbukan, and I have no idea why Mr Tanemura is using the term koryu karate--aside form the fact that several of Takamatsu's documents described koppo systems as karate koppojutsu, thus emphasizing that they were a chinese import--but I have no clue as to why...
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    glenn morris --soke

    I trained with Doc Morris a couple of times back in the late nineties and have corresponded with him very infrequently since then. He was very fun to hang out and train with. His Hoshin ju(tai)jutsu system--from what little I saw--was very similar to SKH's godai-based taijutsu... As far as...
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    Mysteries of the X-Kans

    I thought this was pretty funny--but I also have observed this in aikido and koryu systems. This is proper etiquette in many japanese systems and organizations...
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    Any other ninjutsu styles out there?

    The only person I've ever heard of who actually legitimately knew some of Fujita's koga ryu was Saito Satoshi--headmaster of Neigishi Ryu shurikenjutsu. In one of the Skoss' books he recounted seeking out Fujita and learning the sensu and some 'secret' ninjutsu applications for...
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    Bulletmen and Steve Hayes

    OC creates a different reaction all together. We are discussing impact from a physical assualt, I thought. You are right about the head going back, though.
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    Bulletmen and Steve Hayes

    Actually I was going to post something similar to this yesterday. Extension and retraction of the limbs is one of the few reactions you can reliably count on--but they aren't absolutes. And, btw, normally when the head is attacked--especially the eyes--the hands go out before they come in...