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    Halberd training

    I would agree with Kirk. Polearms are all related. Learn the staff thoroughly first as it is the foundation for the rest of them.
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    1925 Boy Scouts Master at Arms Badge

    I have some experience of teaching quaterstaff to the scouts. The staffs were lost form the standard uniform in the 1960's though lots of groups still use them. My Grandfather was a scout leader befor ww2. I have lots of pictures of him with his staff. Great post, thank you.
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    size and traditional jujutsu

    Size is hugely influential in Jiu Jitsu. Techniques vary significantly depending on the height and weight of your attacker. However just because the techniques change does not mean that they become less effective. "It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the...
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    Does taekwondo needs cross-training to complete it

    The ITF encyclopedia is 15 volumes long and would take weeks to read and as such is a little big to post. :-) Don't people say that Martial arts is about the journey not the destination?
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    Help Choosing a Martial Art?

    Hi Aries, My advice is to try and find a good instructor that you respect, the instructor is more important than anything else. "To defeat your opponents you must first learn to beat yourself"
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    Does taekwondo needs cross-training to complete it

    Are we talking WTF or ITF? Perhaps it is a big assumption to think that you can complete a martial art system like Taekwon-Do?