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  • I train under Doug and Carlos Bunda. They were real tight with Alan. My dad and Henry Mendac I think are the only ones left that trained under Sijo. Good luck in your training. Are you gonna go to Vegas this year? If you are hopefully I'll see you there!
    I hear what your saying. It looks like you have the tech down pat! When I tested my instructor already knew that I knew the techs, he had guys come after me with clubs and knives to see if if could think on my feet. Like I said before, I got sliced in the arm from missing a block, took a club hit to the face that damn near knocked me out and had my cup broken........aaaahhhh, good times! Who is your instructor, I train under GM Doug and Carlos Bunda, but my dad and uncle were trained by Sijo
    Good job on your test! The only thing I saw is when disarming the club attacks is to make sure you pick up the weapon, don't let the bad guys friends get it. Again, well done
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