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  • Josh,

    I just came upon this 'friend' thing at MartialTalk. Never knew it was here (I'm a 'real' programmer, we don't look at manuals.) Just here to say hello!
    RE: settled heavy bags.

    The easiest thing to do is to take the bag down and stand it upside down for a few days and kind of shake it around a bit to get it to settle. and simply take it down when you're not using it.

    The funnest thing to do is to have someone stand the bag upside down against their thighs and let you blast it with kicks. The kicking lets the sand shift back towards the middle and you get to practice kicking hard with a person standing there as kind of a target and not have to worry about holding back or hurting them.

    You can also put the bag on the ground and do some ground and pound from mount or sidemount with elbows and punches. I prefer the kicking method though.

    Have fun
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