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    Ohso thats why

    Yeah... that hurts. I once was hitting a wall bag, and it dislodged a little... I hit the wall. I was uneven. Swollen knuckle. Amazing pain. No punching with that hand for a while. No lack of focus on those techniques since then. Experience and learning are expensive. :D
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    Chi-sau Vs. Lat Sau- What is your opinion?

    Greetings. I really like the discussion on the different ways you can evolve and play Chi Sao. Personally, because of my research I've been moving away from Chi Sao as a long game. I've been more into the applications as a way to accelerate the learning for self defense against commons street...
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    Obama does Wing Chun

    LOL That is the effect that Wing Chun has on women when they see a guy playing with their wooden dummy... ;)
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    This may be the end for me...

    Hey geezer... Of course the WC helps! :D Keep at it as much as you can and keep getting better! Hope to hear from you soon!
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    This may be the end for me...

    Greetings. Very sorry to hear that you are injured. Sucks, yet it is part of the game. Heal, recover, and come back harder and stronger. Sincerely, Juan Mercado
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    Reality / Pressure testing

    Greetings. Well, the answer depends on what pressure testing means and for what. Pressure testing for sporting purposes is different than testing for self defense skills. Drilling certain techniques and then using scenarios based on common attacks to simulate self defense situations and...
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    Have you ever tried building up a group?

    Greetings. I want it to be for those that are really interested, post and take action, not lurkers. That is why I'm not going over the things on the open forum. I could answer direct questions to help though. And I want to talk to you personally over the phone or something so I can really help...
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    Have you ever tried building up a group?

    Greetings. Here is how I see it. If you do not train future SiFus, your lineage will die with you. Your experiences and trainings will not be remembered, and your impact in the world will be limited. Even more clearly, from the meaning of SiFu = Teacher-Father, if your kids do not become...
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    Becoming a better beginner... again!?!

    Greetings. A good idea would be to take this time of training beginners to sharpen your knowledge and execution of basics and fundamental patterns. In any case, the fundamentals patterns and movements are supposed to be the basis of you go to moves, which should work on most occasions. And...
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    To answer the question: These titles are NOT historically accurate, and an invention of the 20th century. Occidental schools of thought and "mystery" schools (schools of thought with initiation rituals) have as titles Master and Grand Master, because of organizational needs. Many titles in...
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    No retreat in Wing Chun ?

    Greetings. As I mentioned before, for keeping a stable structure while retreating or stepping back that can withstand load, certain movements (Alignment Mechanisms) have to be executed. This way, you can strike or withstand pressure effectively even while yielding space, which can happen, and...
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    No retreat in Wing Chun ?

    Greetings. You can retreat to absorb pressure, give way or create space, specially beginners. Forceful attacks hurt quite a lot, and getting out of the way is sometimes an alternative. The thing is that you need special footwork and alignment mechanisms to step back and keep forward structure...
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    Is there a grading system in Wing Chun?

    Talking your way out of a fight - A Saying something to cause the fight on your terms and beating up the street puke - A+
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    Wing Chun Technique

    HA! You think Super Biu Jee is great... wait till you see Ultra Mook Jong and Hard Core Chum Kiu with the Kung Fu grip. They are based off Combat SLT... the basis of all Mega Wing Chun Ownage!! About bobbing and weaving... well it depends, yet I do it if playing around and just sport type...
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    Wing Chun Technique

    Greetings! Dude, please take it easy... or the mods wrath may fall upon us!! ;) Thanks for the song... I did kick someone in the face for bobbing and weaving once. I saw the motion was started a bit too early and I just round kicked the guy in the face... funny! Dragging the feet does more...