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    a ?? for LEOs: Is that normal?

    I was confusing my posters....I would replace the RAM. Though it is unlikely and rare, there are attacks that can be perpetrated against powered down computer RAM. It is so cheap these days...if you are concerned about what happened to your computer, why take the chance. Besides, this may...
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    a ?? for LEOs: Is that normal?

    No, he's not. If there is any concern, that is an important change to make. Working with computers on a daily basis myself and having played the role of a black hat and white hat on multiple occasions as part of my job for several years, I firmly agree with Canuck's prescription, I likely...
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    Whoa!! I'm shooting a wedding in 2 weeks!

    Good lick. Hope it goes well, I have confidence you will do great!
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    Hello from Florida

    Welcome to MT!
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    My Daughter Took the SAT today

    Good for her! I tutor high school kids for the SAT and it is just sad how many of them can barely crack a 1200/2400....
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    Welcome! :)
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    Britney Spears sued over song lyric

    Totally feels like an attempt at easy money. And the annoying part is that in the end, cause it'll be cheaper, Spears will probably just settle, basically encouraging anyone else to try the same thing against other artists...
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    Indoor Rock Climbing

    Thanks Brian - my plan is for instruction first, I am not into injuries!!!! I just want to make sure I am getting the right instruction!
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    Indoor Rock Climbing

    So I haven't found a MA school in my area yet that I am interested in attending so in the mean time I am looking to try something new, indoor rock climbing. there is this place near me, sportsrock or rockplex or something that has a bunch of indoor walls and a lot of classes for noob's like me...
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    Birthdays Go Here~!

    Thank you!!! :)
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    Soldier Skips Deployment

    Look my response there was facetious, obviously lost in translation I've got no clue what your whole point on this thread was, so I tried to respond as I saw fit initally. You seemed to suggest that if she enlisted and then had a kid alone it was irresponsible of her. I disagree. My biggest...
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    Soldier Skips Deployment

    Yup or someone in the mix is sterile....
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    Soldier Skips Deployment Birth control failure rates contained here...even with perfect use... Where did she say she never expected to be deployed? I must have missed that....
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    Soldier Skips Deployment

    What I responded to was this comment of yours: You made it sound like she made a decision that she was def having a child, going to have a child during her enlistment. My point was that, the child could very well have been unplanned and a surprise despite possible precautions to avoid...
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    Would-be Seattle ninja impaled on fence

    Odd news of the day...