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    Wing Chun Vs TKD sparring

    - Did WC guy kick TKD guy in the nuts at 1:16? Yikes. - The chain punching did not seem to really connect, did not really open up and penetrate through.... which is the goal. - I liked the use of kicks, and the sort of 'charging knee' entry movement that WC guy did when closing distance. - I do...
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    Ogoshi vs. Koshi Garuma

    Well... yeah. I was envisioning someone a few inches taller vs someone a few inches shorter. If I was 6 ft and they were 4 ft, I'd probably Uchi Mata (or I'd probably get kicked out of the kid's grappling class for throwing 4 ft tall grapplers around). If I was 4 ft and they were 6 ft, I'd...
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    Ogoshi vs. Koshi Garuma

    A true O Goshi was always hard for me as it contorted my spine a bit to get that reach around grip on the opponent's back while simultaneously squaring up my hips against their lower body. Outside of a Judo school, it probably seems like splitting hairs since they look so similar, but Uki Goshi...
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    Getting slammed....yikes

    With jumping guard, its risky but its a calculated risk. You have locked yourself to your opponent's body and have to be prepared to react quickly if they give any indication they are going to slam. Some people jump guard. I don't, but I am a big guy and you don't see that as much with larger...
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    After 5 years, still looking for the "spark"

    Assuming you are passionate about Wing Chun but sometimes it can be drudgery.... then you are certainly not alone. I hardly ever made it to class more than twice per week, and others around me got better faster which was a bummer. Some days would be fantastic and I felt like I was progressing...
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    I have a short attention span for technique videos in general, but I've been following Nick via his podcast, on social media, and I pop in to his YouTube videos periodically for over a year. The guy seems super humble and I'm convinced he is an overall just good guy, plus his competition record...
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    What are the most universal effective takedowns?

    I've worked a similar takedown but stepping to the outside as you elevate their leg, versus the inside of their leg. It allows for turning them away from you as they fall, so you can follow them to the ground and take their back to setup a submission. I quite liked it. Similar mechanics...
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    Do you modify your Wing Chun when sparring?

    Yes but.... Peas are great but modern times have shown us that beans are in fact necessary as well. If you aren't eating beans in addition to your peas, then your diet is just incomplete.;):)
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    Do you modify your Wing Chun when sparring?

    A front push kick is definitely a valid technique to maintain space and jam an opponent who wants to step in and punch you, but then what? You prevented them from entering striking range but you haven't really attacked them. Repeat that move a couple times and he will get wise to it, step around...
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    Head lock used in Judo

    Yes. Love those Mongolian Judo guys and I've always liked Koshi Guruma for being less contortionist on your spine than some of the hip throws like O Goshi / Uki Goshi are. I find that when someone gets a lapel grip on me, I like to circle my arm on that side around and get a high lapel grip...
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    Do you modify your Wing Chun when sparring?

    I've learned things in multiple arts that were exaggerated in practice and became much more streamlined in practice. Its not that the exaggerated way is wrong or ineffective, but speed or resistance changes the dynamic of the movement. We drilled a BJJ guard pass on the ground the other day that...
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    WC Bong Shou used in wrestling

    Not quite, since the main thing it allowed me to do was step in and bring my bong elbow over the top of their elbow after pushing the arm across. I bet if I look long enough, I would probably find a video of a Judoka teaching something similar as part of grip breaking. A two on one type of grip...
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    WC Bong Shou used in wrestling

    I used a WC Bong Sau / Fak Sau movement in BJJ (basically jacketed wrestling) once and mentally filed it away as a viable technique for the future, and have used it a couple times since. When standing, you often initiate by getting a grip with your power hand (right hand for most people) on...
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    If BJJ is so effective, why isn't everybody doing it?

    If you don't figure out how to "get back up" from various positions in BJJ to a combat ready stance then you are going to get smashed during rolling.... so I would think you learn it, regardless of whether the instructor says "ok guys, this is how you get back up" or not. Much like break...
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    Aikido in an Mma gym

    Whether we are talking an MMA fighter, or even an average Joe with a bit of striking experience, most people are going to retract that punch quickly, not leave it hanging out there to grab. So this might be viable technique to deflect / get out of the way of said punch, but depending on that...