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    Muscle training?

    Hojo Undo (chiishi, nigiri kame, ishi sashi, tan) Kettle Bell Medicine Ball Skipping Rope Undulation Rope
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    My Coach's BJJ coach fighting in Bellator 53

    really nice!
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    rank progression rate

    I spent a couple of years as a kid doing boxing / kickboxing no belts. I spent 4 1/2 years as a kid doing Tae Kwon Do and got to red belt (white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, black). I've been training in Karate for 21+ years now, which is my primary focus. If my memory hasn't completely...
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    good MMA place to start?

    Don't know anything about these guys but there aren't any alarm bells that go off looking at the website. I don't know the demographics of the area but anything in the neighbourhood of $100 / month isn't unreasonable for a full service facility with quality instruction, especially if there is...
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    Tuf 10

    It's also possible that he loses the unaired Dec 2 fight but is called back to fight on the Dec 5 card against someone else who lost.
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    UK MMA, Rosi Sexton and men in mini skirts!

    Very nice article! Thanks
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    how old were you when you started in MA

    I started when I was 8years old, had been begging my mother since I was about 5. February 1982 - June 1984 - Boxing / Kickboxing Sept 1984 - Sept 1988 Tae Kwen Do Jan 1989 - present Okinawan Karate & Japanese Ju Jutsu Nov 1993 - present Judo off and on July 2007 - present BJJ
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    Biting off more than I can chew...

    I've only got a couple years of formal BJJ training but I've been doing Judo ne waza and submission grappling for a long time (1993/94). I refuse to enter any division but the highest division available at the competition I'm at. I'd rather get my butt kicked in a BJJ Blackbelt division then...
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    From what I understand Odie Neto received his black belt from Carlos Aveline. Aveline was a student of Mario Sperry who started training around 1992, moved to San Diego in 1995 as a Brown Belt to run that school. Several years later his Visa was running out so he had to go back to Brazil...
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    BJJ for 13 year old girls?

    I have a half dozen or so teenage girls that train in my grappling classes, they are all doing well - one of them has been coming about a year, the others 3-6mos respectively. My daughters are 4 and 5 1/2 and they are already taking karate and ju jutsu classes, I don't teach anyone under 12...
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    Martial Arts in schools...

    I currently run after-school programs at 4 different schools in my area (one Roman Catholic Separate School and three public elementary schools). Over the years I've run programs in all different kinds of schools - private schools, public schools, faith based schools and regular schools. In...
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    Age survey

    I've only been doing BJJ formally for a couple years, but I've been studying Ju Jutsu and Judo since 1992. I have people join my club all the time well into their 30s, 40s and even 50s. Age never has to be a limiting factor.
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    Wow, aptly named fight of the week!

    Wow! Thanks Tez
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    Matt Hughes

    Aside from giving him something that Matt wants: Hardcore MMA fans will pay to see this. Casual MMA fans will be drawn by the name recognition and pay to see this. Of course this fight will happen.