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    Not really a beginner, but I guess this is still the right place to ask.

    Walk, swim, ride your bicycle, stretch, go up and down stairs. Do workout videos on YouTube or TV. Watch Dancing With Myself on TV and dance along (Its fun)
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    Too old?

    I started at 41. Shodan at 46. I'm 66, still training, but now I do tai chi. (Got tired of hitting the ground!) Good luck.
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    Leading senior citizens to the "Dark Side" - Right or wrong?

    I think its kind of unfair to imply theres no value to tai chi for health, or that its somehow wrong. The movement of the forms improves balance and decreases the risk of falls in seniors (thats research, not my personal opinion). For some people, thats all they want or need. Tai chi...
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    Very, very discouraged - It seems Taekwondo is not for me

    Thank you for your explanation. My view comes from the fact that in more than 25 years of training and teaching, Ive never encountered a TKD dojang here on Long Island, where theres a martial arts studio in every strip mall, that DOESNT compete in tournaments. But Ill be happy to re-explore...
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    How do you handle burn out?

    Change instructors, try a different MA, train less often, train differently, take a break for a few months. I think you have to figure out what you mean by burnt out. Are you bored or not making progress or injured or tired of hitting the ground or pressured for time, or just plain exhausted...
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    Beaten by a white belt.

    Never underestimate the last place team. 仄領儭
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    Very, very discouraged - It seems Taekwondo is not for me

    I agree with the others. I think the instructor has the problem, not you. Im 66, female, and I didnt start martial arts until my 40s. I ran into more than one instructor who said, Women cant learn to punch. My attitude was, and is, if YOU cant teach a woman to punch, Ill find an...
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    Teaching assertiveness from a young age.

    While I think the topic is interesting and important, I also think you made a lot of generalizations that are based on personal experience. Passive kids are not necessarily taught to be that way by their parents. In sparring, people do not necessarily "back away" because they're passive...maybe...
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    Fall Risk

    Speaking from the perspective of an old person, I'd say both. I'd prefer not to fall, so I train for balance: maintaining balance and recovering balance. But, sometimes there's ice on the ground, or you misstep, or your son rides his bicycle a little to close to yours, and then you'd better know...
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    Beginning again late in life

    I agree with those whove recommended the internal martial arts: tai chi, bagua, xing yi. I mean, do you REALLY need to risk getting busted up and not being able to train at all? Find a good tai chi instructor who teaches tai chi as a martial art. Youll get a different perspective on self...
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    Domestic Assault in Public: A Case Study

    Yes, I would get involved. I would call 911.
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    Need actual help. Truly need some Knowledge / Input...

    I actually thought this was a serious matter, and based on 25 years of experience as a martial artist, I did have a few suggestions for you. But then I got to the end of your post, where you called me an "***hat liberal." Maybe someone else can help you. Maybe someone with expertise in another...
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    Wake Up... Breakfast!

    If I'm in a hurry, PBJ and coffee. I eat in the car. (I confess, I kind of like to eat in the car). Leisure? Maybe corn flakes and skim milk; strawberries and yogurt; pancakes; oatmeal. And the New York Times to peruse.
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    Americans woefully ignorant about religion, study says

    Why am I not surprised?
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    99.9% of female martial artists fail in self defense?

    Well, I'm not sure what qualifies him to make a commentary on 99.9% of anything, but I'm sure that the same would apply to most men taking martial arts.