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    Movies that are now 20 years old (Jurassic Park..)

    The year was 1993 which makes me 12 at the time (13 for just Nov and Dec). JP - Movie of the gods, directed by super-director Speilberg, need I say more. Sandlot - Fun movie, didnt connect as well with my buds and I since we don't play baseball in Jamaica, but I guess if we imagined cricket...
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    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    Shanara? Really? Enjoy it that much? I started reading one and never got around to finishing it, don't even ask which one. I'm more into the darker, more brutal fantasy now. Yes, GRRM, but there's also Steve Erickson's Malazan, Joe Abercrombie, Glen Cook, ya know. The stuff that has more...
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    Mark Hamill and others coming back in Star wars 7...NOOOOOOOO!!!!

    If they stick to the EU novels they could use the 3 characters. There are spome great stories in those novels, as well as Han and Leia's kids and Luke's son Ben. That is, if Disney goes the route of where the novels go.
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    Why Traditional Karate Is Not Effective for Self-Defense

    Sopa covered it prett well above, that whole post was full of win. Yeah I also doubted karate growing up doing Seido and Kyokushin I thought my view short and narrow, got into Choi Kwang Do, learned a lot. Got into Bujinkan for about a summer. Turns out, I am perfectly happy with karate and it...
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    undisciplinated students

    Oh man, back when I was a kid doing karate our Sensei was the ultimate in old school discipline Cane in class, knuckle pushups on the asphalt basketball court, laps on the track, extending a kick in perfect form and holding it [and other isometric based killers], he had a million creative...
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    What exactly is atheism? (offshoot of same sex thread)

    Anytime some atheist does something that some religious group does not agree with it becomes "those atheists." As if we have meetings and stuff. It's christian way of painting us with one brush when really they are the huge monolith. Some guy puts up an anti-religion billboard, has nothing...
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    What exactly is atheism? (offshoot of same sex thread)

    I'm an atheist. - I don't belive in god or gods - I don't belong to any atheist group or club or church. It's always funny when you hear people railing against atheist, they speak of us as if we are a club who has meetings every Sunday. I don't hang out with atheist and talk about atheist...
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    The most spectacular martial art?

    You know what's spectacular? Seido Karate, all I need is half a second. One technique is always spectacular. LOL
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    Training Log

    Here's a fun new one for yous'. Your Training Log. Show it. Where are you today? What you workin' on this week ... and on. -As of today I'm up to brown belt material in my rotation. In a couple weeks I start the cycle again.
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    Krav Maga Alternatives?

    Well since KM is cobbled together from bits of lots of other styles you could just find out what those are. or pretty much any Combativs program, I really don't see what makes KM so much more special than any other MA Frankenstein other than good marketing and overweight, overconfident housewives.
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    Wrestling dropped from 2020 Olympics.

    The coverage.
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    Wrestling dropped from 2020 Olympics.

    I gotta say, I had a feeling. The London coverage of Wrestling, fencing, judo and TKD was terrible, I assumed one of those would get the axe ... or white water rafting.
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    Ayn Rand's Gospel of Selfishness and Billionaire Empowerment Is Plaguing America

    Too many people name check Ayn with only a nebulous idea of what her philosophy is. She's often turned into a pariah by people who have never read her work who are observing people thinking they are acting in an objective manner.
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    New video: Wing Chun against Boxing

    Did I miss the WC and Boxing video? Al I saw was the one in the first post and that looked like some sort of mating ritual.
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    practicing ninjutsu

    I was into ninjas too as a kid. Batman mostly though, ended up in Karate. Even did a year of Bujinkan not 2 summers ago and I've realized, karate is where I belong.