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    better combo with boxing?

    I boxed long ago when I was in the army. I still train it some 30 years later. Even at my adavanced age, boxing is useful to set up Judo/BJJ. My knees aren't what they once were and I don't have the flexibility in my legs I had when I was a kid, so I don't think it's a very good idea to train...
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    JKD without Wing Chun?

    I'm glad both of you fellows are in the same conversation at the moment because I have a question may you both can help with. My daughter is going off to college next year. For nearly a year, I have been working with her on Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I taught her a few standing takedowns if...
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    where does dragon-claw kung fu come from?

    Hey all, I found a link to Dragon Claw Academy in Champaign. There's a section with the history. I'm willing to give a pass on slight historical inaccuracies, because a lot of arts have histories that are oral traditions, plus there can be inaccuracies in translations. Anyway, I'm sharing a link...
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    What can a boxer gain from WC?

    Very good analogy. Up until recently Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tried to remain begrudgingly cousin arts. But one is better for stand up and the other is better on the ground. People from each art are starting to cross train more and more, especially tournament people because they blend well...
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    where does dragon-claw kung fu come from?

    There seems to be a lot of confusion about Dragon Style vs Dragon Claw Style (Lung Shou Pai). There is a fellow in Champaign Illinois named Aaron Chen who teaches Lung Shou Pai at a school called Dragon Claw Academy. He is associated with an academy out of Mississippi I believe. I have been...
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    Faht Shan (Pan Nam) Wing Chun Kuen

    I know very little about Wing Chun, but of what I do know, I had never heard of this. It is on Eddie Chong's website promoting 3 DVD's. That's only commentary listed on the first DVD. I appreciate the commentary I've received so far. I'm not trying to start some lineage fight or anything. I ran...
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    Faht Shan (Pan Nam) Wing Chun Kuen

    I ran across this in an internet search today, I am interested in thoughts from folks well versed in Wing Chun: "Faht Shan Wing Chun", is considered the official lineage of the Wing Chun system recognized by the Government of the Peoples Republic of China and therefore is referred as the...
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    What martial art is best for a beginner and can I teach myself?

    I'm a bit jaded, because most of my experience is in grappling, judo specifically. I've been taking BJJ with my daughters for coming up on a year. You can get decent competence for the street after a year or two, and BJJ is almost a must know art for MMA. That being said I have to add a caveat...
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    how many bjj gi's do you own?

    I have two standard white Fuji Judo Gi's (yes, Wizard sleeves) kind of heavy but they will hold up in either Judo or BJJ forever. BTW, $50 bucks on amazon.
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    Which way to roll

    At time hash 3:20 you could use that little foot sweep to the outside to transition to Coyote Half-Guard. Think Lucas Leite.
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    defense against a shooter

    Your not likely to run into a shooter that hasn't faced a ground fighter, because he probably learned to shoot on a wrestling team or as part of a bjj club....
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    Master Wong - Legit?

    Great for housework too! You can really multi-task with those things on!
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    Master Wong - Legit?

    Yeah, I was an "Earth Shoe Victim" back in the 70's, Lol! Good times, eh?
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    Master Wong - Legit?

    My doctor wears 5 finger shoes, I have to strain to keep from laughing every time I go see him (quite often, LOL).
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    Master Wong - Legit?

    No, not really, the vid was label siu nim tao, but I caught in the comments that it was biu jee. My mistake, tried to correct it right away and my connection decided to slow down to stone tablet speed. Sorry about the confusion.