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    Rod Martin

    Hi Ron, Mark Arioto taught junior class in the early '70s. His brother Rich Arioto owns a dojo in Los Gatos. Ms. Stiesmeyer was my instructor after I got my Black Belt and helped me get to Sandan. She was amazing. I don't know Mike Williams. I think you mean Jeff Williams? Jeff Williams...
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    Looking for Rod Martin

    Hi Kirk, I will send you a private message.
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    Kenpo Ranking Question

    The rule is that you can promote people to two ranks below the rank to which you have promoted yourself.
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    Who will impact EPAK the most in the next 10 years?

    I am glad that there are many individuals experimenting and moving things forward. I am saddened that the majority of Kenpo is anchored in tradition and stagnant. This stagnation was exactly what I ranted about so often 10 years ago. Too much veneration of the past and not enough innovation...
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    What Makes Someone Worthy Of A High Dan?

    All of the discussion about time in the art and seniority and skill are irrelevant. There are only two legitimate criteria for high dans in Kenpo: age plus waist size. The formula is simple: Dan <= (age+waistsize)*2/30. So, if you were 50 years old with a 40 inch waist, you would be a...
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    "It's in there!"

    Think of it this way: stand-up fighting is to ground-fighting what walking is to swimming. The rules of physics apply the same way to walking as they do to swimming. All of the same principles and motions you use to walk can be applied to swimming. However, if you don't have someone...
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    Hi, I had not logged into Martial Talk for a while. If you want to learn to fight, I suggest...

    Hi, I had not logged into Martial Talk for a while. If you want to learn to fight, I suggest Fairtex Muay Thai in Mt. View on Middlefield or Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu on El Camino. USSD is the worst of the McDojos. All of the Kenpo, Kempo, Tae Kwon Do, and Karate schools in Palo Alto and Mt...
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    Suspend and/or Expel Student

    Right. I am talking about the people who got kicked out -- not talking about those who stayed and progressed. These behaviors were simply not tolerated.
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    Suspend and/or Expel Student

    No problem, you can go to the school with all the people we kicked out. :)
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    Suspend and/or Expel Student

    Seen people kicked out for not paying, not bathing, bullying, disrespecting, drugs & drinking (before class), and stealing stuff out of people's bags & clothes in the dressing room.
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    Looking for Rod Martin

    Hello Larry, Al: Sorry for the late reply. Rod Martin is retired and living in Northern CA. I sent you both Private Messages.
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    has anyone here survived multiple attackers , stabbing or shooting due to your MA training

    When I was high-school age I was attacked by two guys one of whom had a knife. I used my MA training to survive the attack. I knew one of the guys and knew that he was a stupid violent psycho. I also knew that the only people who would hang out with him would have to be even stupider...
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    What were you doing on 9/11?

    I was on an AA plane flying from San Jose, CA to Paris, France. I landed in Paris on Sept 11 in the evening (afternoon New York time), went through customs and got into a taxicab. The taxi driver was ranting about going to the ghetto suburbs and killing all the Arabs--I had no idea why he...
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    Please help me to find my martial art

    Seems like you will need to look for something without much contact. Tai Chi will enable you to gain the benefits of martial movement at a controlled pace with little or no contact. Many Tai Chi instructors also teach sword forms. I would suggest you try this first to rebuild your...
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    40 year old grappling virgin

    My words of advice as someone who started BJJ in my early 40's... 1) ALWAYS show up EARLY and STRETCH. You will need it more. NEVER come late to class as an incomplete warmup is likely to lead to more injuries. 2) If you have a career, family, job...then remember that you are...