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    Ha Ha Check this out...

    Legitimate kunoichi and just a few of the many.....
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    Ha Ha Check this out...

    Tez, first of all I want you to know that I do not "laugh" at someone or something because they're women. I work in Law Enforcement and I can attest to working with some very tough women, nothing but respect. But if my title somehow offended you, for that I do apologize, although I do believe...
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    Oguri Sensei Passed Away!

    Condolences to his family and may he rest in Peace.
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    Ha Ha Check this out... Saw this while browsing yahoo today..
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    Hokko No Kamae/SPEAR

    As one of the Defensive Tactics Instructors for the Sheriff's Office that I work for, I was sent to attend an Instructor's course for Tony Blauer's SPEAR system. I was kinda tickled by the fact that to me its nothing more than a modified Hokko No Kamae. Don't get me wrong the material taught it...
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    Is everyone ok after the earthquake?

    I'm relieved to hear that Hatsumi Sensei is ok...My prayers and best wishes to all affected in Japan...
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    New Gyokko Ryu Book

    Just received the book yesterday...its seems ok. I think I'll do like you did Chris I'll just keep it and use it as a comparison with other Densho interpretations that I've aquired over the years. But all in all its a pretty good book by what I've read so far.
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    New Gyokko Ryu Book

    Cool. Thanks Chris and thanks Muawijhe for your replies...Sounds like I"m going to enjoy the book.
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    New Gyokko Ryu Book

    I searched the forum to see if this has been discussed and I didn't find anything on it. But I just came across this book on Ebay and I bought it. I haven't received it yet but if anyones already purchased one and read...
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    Low light shooting courses of fire?

    Our agency uses a lowlight shooting course. Myself being a firearms instructor we had to go through the course before the rest of the agency did. We start with a known range course in darkness and we are issue Glock 22s with Streamlights TLR1 lights attached and tritium sights with holsters...
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    Why Budo Taijutsu.

    Well there are a few and I do mean few, instructors out there that have learned "some" of the actual ninjutsu aspect that you are referring to. Those instructors were training from the early 80s when they did teach some of that stuff. Nowadays even they won't teach that stuff to just anyone, if...
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    History Channel's "Warriors"

    If anyone is interested there is a TV show on the History Channel named "Warriors", where a Special Forces guy goes around and learns all the fighting skills of ancient warriors. There was one episode on the Samurai and to my surprise they had one of the Japanese Shihans demonstrating the Jo and...
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    Yeah anything with Frank Dux you take it to the fiction section. The man had Soldier of Fortune Magazine spotlight his fraudulent use of military decorations, and his wild claims of being a C.I.A. Officer when he was a Motor Transport Reserve Marine. But the Kokuryukai was a Japanese...
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    Shinobi no mono Magazine

    Well in America there is no governing standard for authentication of traditional martial arts. So Ms. Jacobson is free to teach and claim whatever it is she claims. I don't agree with what she does claiming Tomo Ryu Ninjutsu Menkyo Kaiden. And I do believe that she is misleading alot of people...
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    Shinobi no mono Magazine

    Well said Brian, I second that comment...