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    Ninjustu acceptance in the Martail Arts World

    Well then, far be it from me to contribute to thread drift, so on to the topic at hand. As I see it, there are three main barriers to the acceptance of ninjutsu. The first is that quite simply we are not solely studying ninjutsu in the X-Kans. I do think many of the mind-sets of the 3...
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    Ninjustu acceptance in the Martail Arts World

    Just to echo, not that it ever actually works. Real world example. Way back in '93 or so I received my shodan in Toyama ryu from a lovely Japanese gentleman who passed away shortly thereafter (hopefully, not from shame at what numbnuts me was going to do next). I'd spent 4 years studying with...
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    Harunaka Hoshino Ninja Ken DVD

    Since I still have some of his God-awful yet amusing articles from Ninja magazine, I kind of want this video. As bad he was in print, in actual motion the humor should be glorious! Matt
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    Brand new and looking for help in central mass

    Sorry dude, it's been so long since I trained in Shotokan around here I have no idea who around here is any good. If you don't mind braving the construction on rt2, my wife and I train up at the Winchendon Martial Arts Center and it is excellent training. Matt
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    Antony Cummins - Shoninki

    I fail to see why I should enrich someone who has displayed that he has no problems lying to the martial arts community both about his training background and his skillset. Beyond that, why on earth would I buy a book to study if I can't trust the translation or the interpretations within? I...
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    Frustrated, angry and a little dejected

    The one caution I would throw out there is that it would be useful to have examples of what the behavior entailed. I've certainly studied with teachers who were a personality mismatch for me (was that PC enough? LOL) and bailed for better teachers. However, I've also had periods where either...
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    Katana vs Ninja Sword? Whats the best combat sword?

    My fear is eventually I'll run out of next slowest guys and become one! Matt
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    Katana vs Ninja Sword? Whats the best combat sword?

    I beg to differ my friend. I have an excellent spring steel machete for that as I expect my cut geometry to get sloppy due to fatigue and I can't risk a thinner blade that may break. It also has a lovely mount to go on an oak staff for a lash-up naginata. If the zombies are runners, I'm...
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    What are the top five Bujikan books to read?

    If it's for a newbie, I don't think "Play!" and "Unarmed Fighting Techniques" would be good choices. I've found stuff of value in all of Hatsumi-soke and Hayes' books. Hoban and Daniels' books as well have useful material in them. All that said, I'd think Essence of Ninjutsu and the...
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    Katana vs Ninja Sword? Whats the best combat sword?

    Hrmm. I'll refrain from making much commentary about sword design for the Togakure ryu (if we're talking ninjutsu anyway, I've not ever seen kenjutsu attributed to the Gyokushin and Kumogakure ryu) the since there other who know gobs more than I about that or at the least are higher up the food...
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    How to toughen up or condition wrists and forearms?

    Try bo furi (spinning) with a heavy oak bo or 6' piece of 1.25" pipe from home depot. I was having a lot of difficulty with my right wrist folding up after a bad forearm/wrist break (Note: have someone hold the ladder when you're coming down from roofing. . .). My sensei recommended it and it...
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    Should I Train in the Bujinkan, Genbukan, or Jinenkan?

    I changed arts as I felt I had too much on my plate to drive to Derry and Boston. Which was foolish in retrospect, as the Bujinkan is what really spoke to me in my training when I found it. Matt
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    Get fit first???

    Pretty much what everyone else said. Just go train. I would add the caveat that you talk with the instructor first and let him know any restrictions, injuries, and dings you may have. Speaking from experience, waiting until "you're ready" tends to be self defeating. Go, do your best, and...
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    Should I Train in the Bujinkan, Genbukan, or Jinenkan?

    Not to be an echo chamber, but go where you felt the most comfortable and feel you get the most out of it. In the past, I made the mistake of training close by instead of sucking it up and driving to the better school and have always regretted it. Adequate really isn't, a good teacher you...
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    Ground Work

    Shidoshi Leon Drucker had a session exactly on that (kihon happo on the ground) at Warrior Camp. It was quite illuminating, despite the fact that I was having a tough time getting my brain wrapped around it. Matt