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    Your favorite Muay Thai fighter?

    My favourite muay thai fighter is Ramon Dekkers for sure. He is crazy. He's my idol.
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    Buakaw. K-1.

    Who saw the fight between Buakaw and Yoshihiro Sato? I cannot believe how Buakaw got knocked out literally. Buakaw is legendary. He has already beaten Sato twice and now, suddenly, Sato KO's Buakaw? Why were Buakaw's hands so low and the time of the knockout? That's a mistake Buakaw...
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    the worst night of my life =\ what would you do ?

    Giving them your money probably would have been the best idea. What art do you train in by the way?
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    The Last Person.....

    I'm the leader. ;)
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    Who trains in muay thai here?

    Is there anyone else who trains in muay thai here and would like to pass on their knowledge? :)
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    New to Muay Thai

    My gym has 2 different classes: beginner and advanced.
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    Online Shop

    There are many as Tez said. There are two I have found: Hope it is what you are looking for.
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    My First Day at JKD

    Sounds very interesting!
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    How do you pay for your classes?

    There is a cancellation option but I'm just not comfortable giving out my credit card details like that. I have spoken to the instructor and he said I can give him a cheque for 3 months and then decide if I wish to stay and sign the contract. I do not wish to be forced into a contract and I...
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    How do you pay for your classes?

    How do you all pay for your martial arts lessons? Do you pay each class? Do you pay per week? Do you pay per month? Do you pay per year? Do you pay in cash? Do you use direct debit? I was just wondering because the club I am training at wants me to pay by credit card or direct debit for...
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    Who trains in muay thai here?

    Heh, I knew it was something to do with weapons! ;) Sounds like a good system. I may try that one day. Do you find the techniques effective? Would they be effective in a real situation do you believe?
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    First thing you wanted to learn

    The first thing I wanted to learn is how to defend myself from anything, mainly punches and kicks.
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    Who trains in muay thai here?

    What does Modern Arnis involve? Is that more staff orientated or am I wrong? Oh ok, cool.
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    Who trains in muay thai here?

    I was thinking of doing a Filipino art also, such as Escrima, or something along those lines. Which do you train in? When you say your "rounds" would leave a mark do you mean hits (punches and/or kicks) or just your round kicks? lol. And also how long is each of your training sessions...
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    Burglar loses fight with blind homeowner

    That's an amazing story! Good on him!