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    The Jet's Gym???

    Sensei Benny teaches a regular class at Team Karate Center in Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles. You can find info here:
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    Tang Soo Do Hyungs According To Rank?

    American Tang Soo Do (Under GM Dennis Ichikawa) White/Yellow - Giecho Hyung Il Bu Purple - Giecho Hyung Il Bu Sung Gup & Giecho Hyung Ee Bu Orange - Giecho Hyung Ee Bu Sung Gup 8th Gup Blue - Giecho Hyung Sahm Bu 7th Gup Blue - Pyong Ahn Cho Dan 6th Gup Green - Pyong Ahn Yi Dan 5th Gup...
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    Tae Ge Hyul?

    Hi Bubbles, Don't know if your last question was for me or AmericanTangSooDo. I teach and train in Chatsworth, a suburb of Los Angeles. GM Ichikawa was a former manager of Mr Norris's Sherman Oaks School many years ago. He has modified the forms a slight bit since then but otherwise we still...
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    Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could clarify something for me a bit. What exactly does "kilat" or "kilap" mean and what does it entail? I thought it meant "lightning" but I've been told and shown different things by different people and was curious if anyone a had a concrete definition...
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    Silat golok Seliwa

    That's awesome. Thank you.:)
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    Tae Ge Hyul?

    I train in American Tang Soo Do under GM Ichikawa and M Mark Cox. This is our version of this form.
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    State your Tang Soo Do lineage!

    My lineage from American Tang Soo Do is as follows GM Hwang Kee GM JC Shin GM Chuck Norris and GM Pat Johnson GM Dennis Ichikawa M Mark COx
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    Amir Perets

    I've had the opportunity to train under him a number of times and he he is awesome. Great technician and great teacher. Here is his website
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    How did Basics get like this?

    But it is important to give credit where credit is due.
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    How did Basics get like this?

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    Hi, My name is Nathan and I live in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. I've been involved in the martial arts most all my life and couldn't imagine otherwise (wouldn't want to anyway). I mainly train in American Tang Soo Do under Master Mark Cox but Iv'e done a lot of other stuff. I'm...
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    why do people hate kata

    I think part of it is time. As a school manager, to get kids as students I don't compete with other schools but with other activities such as soccer, basketball, football, etc. With adults its work, family, etc. While people love the beauty they see in forms, they don't have the time to devote...