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    Kukkiwon certification

    Baek, Moon Ku. Was a direct student of Hwang Kee and along with his brothers were seniors in moodukwan before war forced them south. He was at the 1st military base, with Choi, Hong Hi, as a teacher. He left for Colorado in late 50's early 60's to teach at rocky mountain TKD (Serrif) and...
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    Kukkiwon certification

    I was part of a school in theb80s/90s that was TKD but not ITF or KKW. We did hyungs and poomsae and both types of sparring. Was 5th dan then GM passed and locals wouldn't allow us at events anymore as black belts /poom cause we didn't have KKW certificates. I met a GM who was running a supply...
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    WTF - Kukkiwon Certificates

    If you are a 4th dan kukkiwon then you have to go to the kukkiwon website and look for the dan/poom promotion tab. Join, provide needed documents and once approved you log in and apply.
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    What is an axe kick?

    Forward to 2:10 Good explanation Nayro Chagi Dropping kick
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    Taekwondo isn't from Karate, it's from Korean Gwonbub that existed for 300 years

    My late GM, Baek Moon Ku, was a student of the mudukwan under Hwang Kee. He said their forms were that of shotokan and kung fu. When he found himself at the 1st military base to teach taekwondo he was an instructor along with many others. He said they taught the new curriculum (ITF) the old way...
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    Any advantages to having a Karate, Kung Fu etc. background for BJJ beginners.

    If you have training in a stand-up Style the discipline you learned before should help you get back to class after the rough ones where you're more than nail than the hammer. Otherwise that's about it. The overall strategy, mindset and set of techniques are completely different. To the Kung Fu...
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    Rob Biernacki Online Academy review

    Online videos are good for basic review but that's about it. Many details can be left out and the feel of another person when they do this instead of that. It's always best to learn from someone who actually knows and is physically there.
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    After 70 years in BJJ Flavio Behring promoted to White Belt with Red Bar

    The time required for rank is written and followed. No rank above 9th Dan is awarded by the ibjjf, cbjjf or any other legit org in Jiu Jitsu nor will be in the future. I have met grandmaster Flavio 3 times and taken seminars. He knows it all and is as legit as it comes. This is his own thing and...
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    After 70 years in BJJ Flavio Behring promoted to White Belt with Red Bar

    Well of you/me/anyone trains in BJJ as a bb for 47 years and make the red belt we/they have a right to legitimately argue the rule. Until then it doesn't matter and our opinions don't really matter. They are the founders and that is why.
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    After 70 years in BJJ Flavio Behring promoted to White Belt with Red Bar

    Nobody can. They opened the first Gracie school and taught their family. Is reserved as a permanent reminder. They fought to prove themselves and their style which we all owe a debt that can only be repaid by stepping on the mat and training. I do personally believe that, according to the rules...
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    Machado vs Gracie style bjj?

    The Machado brothers learned from Carlos Gracie Jr., who learned from Helio, Rorion and Rolles. .They along with others had to do the self defense as a part of training and promotion. They all know the fundamentals but is up to each individual what is taught. Some focus on self defense and...
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    Is Submission Only the Future?

    Sub only is good but fighters need to be penalized if no sub happens. 5 min overtime and then BOTH lose. Is lame when they stall or just defend and no one likes that. Also, for the sport to evolve into a more spectator friendly one Then guard pulling and butt scooting need to go. Learn...
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    What is the purpose in your MA training?

    Is a constant test of character, humility and integrity. The mat does not lie and you can not hide your true nature while on the mat. I have been defeated more than I have won. I have accepted it, learned from my errors and moved on. It is a never ending road of possibilities that end up with...
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    Belt fees/Promotion fees

    When I was working for Korean GM in 90's he charged 55 for a stripe test and there were 3 stripes per belt, 8 belts before black. So 220 per belt total. When I was running my own I charged 20 per belt test with kkw fee at poom/Dan. In BJJ we do not charge for a promotion. Some schools have a...
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    The "Moo Duk Kwan" trademark

    Wow. Entirely too much effort given to a piece of paper on a wall. So glad I only do BJJ now. We have a gi and a belt. Lineage is easily traced and no one cares about a certificate.