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    Qigong facial massage

    At the barber's, I once had a scalp massage from an older Chinese woman right after the shampoo. The experience was just short of ... er, illegal. Dayum. Scalp massage! I left a big tip.
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    Can Tai Chi benefit a Karate practitioner?

    Sure, as long as you know which one you're doing, and know why you are performing specific actions. You might find some conflict, because good taijiquan (tai-ji-chwan) distributes effort throughout the body, rather than concentrating it in one place. Maybe that's a problem, maybe not. You can...
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    Your Enemy Is Training...

    How about "While you sit on the couch, your opponent is training?" That narrows down the context to martial arts in both competition and sparring, while avoiding the possible "everyone is my enemy" mindset.
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    Personal Observation - Books about Taijiquan

    I've got a few. At this point in my studies, I prefer written descriptions for reflection rather than pose-by-pose still photos. My friend and Yiquan older brother Ling Seto (you met him, Xue Sheng) just finished Yiquan 360. It is a good cross-section of the relevant concepts. There's also...
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    Tai Chi Question

    Wu, through the Eddie Wu lineage, has a beginner form, and it's kind of a "stick figure" form. But in my experience, in general, teachers vary the way they teach beginners quite a bit. However, Chen is likely to be a bit more precise in its sets, with less variation. Yang might have the most...
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    Beginner Hurdles with Tai Chi

    Learning the concept and physical sensation of "song," pronounced "soong," is hard. (or feng song, pronounced "fung soong.")It's usually translated as "relaxed," but we Western types think of that as "limp," which co nfuses us: how can we be limp yet stand, much less fight? Apparently, the...
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    Chi Kung form form muscle development and strength

    It's hard to tell if you're joking, but since you disagreed with my post, I'll assume you're being serious. Context matters. My reply was valid in the context of the original question. The OP wanted muscle building, external strength training. Qigong does not do that. Weight-bearing exercises...
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    Chi Kung form form muscle development and strength

    Yeah, sorry, if it's external, it's not qigong. Nothing wrong with either, just two complementary approaches. Regardless of categorizations, maybe you're looking for Zhan Zhuang?
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    Mental Strength

    Thanks -- yeah, we looked at at few MBSR papers (I have a BSc in Psych, earned in 2017 as a mature student). Very useful. I'm all in favour of Psych making use of Buddhist concepts, as I (along with others) see Buddhism through a Psych lens as a means of skillful living. I'm also glad when...
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    Mental Strength

    Sounds rather Buddhist.
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    Run away from no-mask people

    There might be four reasons for an increase in Legionella diagnoses during the pandemic: shut-down buildings, as you describe, and misdiagnosis of COVID-19 as Legionella. (similar symptoms) increased exposure to Legionella contaminated hospital spaces COVID-19-exascerbated vulnerability to...
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    MartialTalk and the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Because you ignore the cogent arguments and make up fantasies instead. Calling attention to the lack of value of those fantasies is quite appropriate.
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    MartialTalk and the COVID-19 Pandemic

    "Miraculous?" You might want to dial down the hyperbole if you want to be taken seriously.
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    MartialTalk and the COVID-19 Pandemic

    What would that evidence look like?
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    Run away from no-mask people

    Well, it's not as if non-maskers are epidemiologists who have done multiple studies that show that masks are completely ineffective in protecting people around the mask wearer. In other words, non-maskers have no direct evidence of the complete ineffectiveness of masks: there is uncertainty...