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    Battle Royale on netflix

    I've seen the movie, it is good. But I liked the manga more. It is the same with the Hunger Games. The movie is good but the first book is really great , sadly from there things go downhill. Book 2 and 3 are a waste of time. I wonder how the next two movies will fare.
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    Another Newbie checking in.

    Welcome abroad :)
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    Welcome ! :)
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    Brain Study

    Yes, anyone who has enough experience in reading English can read it. They have also proven that people do not as much read words than recognize them. And if you take a text, and scramble the letters between the first and the last letter you will be still able to read it. You may even not...
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    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    With this post I will probably confirm that I am a bibliophile but here it goes :D I’ve just finished reading: Kingmaker, Kingbreaker : The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller aaand its not good. I kept on hoping that it will turn for the better in the last pages but it never did. There are...
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    Bizarre site redirect

    LoL. Actually I've experienced the same problem with the same site appearing several times, when I have used Firefox for a while there I thought I was getting web-crazed
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    The Last Airbender

    The Last Airbender is one of my favorite TV shows too. It also felt strange for liking the show but there are a lot of adults out there who are big fans It is a shame that the continuation of the series: The Legend of Korra is not up to the standart.
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    Too Late Now

    I think everyone have a right of a better life. But very often happens that some people come from a comepletelly alien culture, don’t put any effort to integrate or at least to gain some understanding of their host culture. And they later scream of racism when someone complains about...
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    Cool new videos

    They are not that bad for home made videos :)
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    Do you think martial arts are more mental or physical?

    I think both things are sides from the same coin :)
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    internet news purposely creating drama/gossip and not news?

    Both of you are completely right.
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    Graded Tonight

    Congratulations ! :)
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    June 6th, 1944 - Allied invasion of Normandy

    A day to remember :)
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    A McDonalds photo shoot

    Wow, this photo shoot makes me wanna go there and dig in :D
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    An Absent Minded Professor

    I watched a video for a 1000 years old tree in Japan. The tree was a local and national symbol but recently it had started to wither. So a team of bothanists started clearing dead roots and the guy leading the effort said something very similar to the things you said. I don’t know if they...