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    Krav talk...

    Nice discussion! I recently started training with a friend of mine, who is also a fellow Kenpo Blackbelt, in this organization. So far, from what I've seen, I like it. Yes, I certainly agree that there are good and bad out there, just like any other art. The Krav Maga Federation right in...
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    Is Carrying a Knife for Self-Defense, Illegal or Legal?

    I do realize that. Did I say something in my post that made you think otherwise?
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    Strike the hands ...or go straight to the head?

    I would say both options are valid. During some stick sparring that I've seen as well as participated in, I've seen shots just to the hands, I've seen a hit to the hand, followed up with a hit to the head, ie: abanico, and I've seen a well placed head shot.
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    Is Carrying a Knife for Self-Defense, Illegal or Legal?

    Lots of good advice already given. This is certainly a sticky situation, because as it's been said, things will vary from state to state. I would think, just like a gun, that things are going to be looked at on a case by case basis. Would a reasonable person pull a gun on someone because they...
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    The Disadvantage of Carrying Weapons

    Well said Bill and I agree. The interesting thing is, while many schools teach weapons, the retention part, as you mention, is often not taught. This is akin to teaching self defense, but not teaching de-escalation, or the legal side of SD.
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    Is sparring very effective?

    IMO, it's very important. It's the best way to test out what you've been working on. When we first learn something, we learn it in a slow, control setting, little to no resistance, etc. But when you start to spar, well, that is the best way to find out whether or not you can pull something...
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    How does one keep the outside world out of their training?

    Unfortunately, real life/real world issues are unavoidable and often hinder our training. It's happened to me many times. For me, the best way that I've found, is to just get back into it. Only YOU can make yourself train, so you have to push yourself, mentally and physically, to get back...
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    Fundamental pillars of self-defense?

    Nice topic. I didn't read through that other thread. However, I would say that while some arts are probably better suited for SD than others, I'd also say a lot of it comes down to how things are trained. Nothing says that you have to be chained to the methods found only in your school. In...
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    For those who don't care for ranks

    What types of complications? The only complications I can think of would be that someone is getting frustrated because they're not advancing. Is that what you're talking about? If so, well, I'll call BS on that, because the goal should be learning the art, and getting as good as you can...not...
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    For those who don't care for ranks

    Exactly! Neither did I. :)
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    For those who don't care for ranks

    Wow, you sure seem pretty fixated on rank. Belts, levels, colored shirts, whatever....all it is, is a method of giving the student a visual idea as to where they are. While it should also be an indication of skill, sadly, in many cases, it is not. I've seen some upper belts, ie: green, brown...
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    Don't tell them you know martial arts

    And IMO, the person who is trained, but can't control their actions, missed out on some valuable lessons. I came from a Kenpo art known for the 'over kill' in its techniques. If we have to bust up the guys arm, gouge his eyes, etc, all for a simple shirt, like I...
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    Don't tell them you know martial arts

    ^^^^ Yes! I agree with this! I'm of the mind that we shouldn't have to always walk in fear, ie: fear of a fight, fear of the aftermath, if you need to defend yourself, but as it was said, if you can walk away, well, may as well do it. Of course, each situation will vary. PG, the reality is...
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    why do elite level fighters drop their hands.

    Damn! That was impressive!! Never saw him fight before, and if I did, I honestly don't recall.
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    why do elite level fighters drop their hands.

    Sure. I won't disagree with that. JKD is known for it's various methods of attack, ie: Attack By Drawing, Attack By Combination, etc., so I can see how that applies. Like anything, each individual will need to find what works for them. If you're capable of pulling that off, great. Going...