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    Why has the long boxing guard disappeared?

    Boxing gloves and boxing rules favor the modern boxing guard, but the long guard isnt dead in MMA. Chuck Liddell and Lyoto Machida both used a modern interpretation of this long low guard.
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    Is there any art in which sagging your pants doesn't put you at a severe disadvantage?

    It lacks practical utility. Then again, so do high heels and plenty of people wear them anyway. A lot of people dont build their wardrobes around fist fighting. Hell, I wear a necktie to work everyday and thatd be terrible in a fight.
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    Where does your left foot point in a right-leg roundhouse kick?

    I can't speak to knee damage from the 9 o'clock or 3 o'clock position as opposed to 6 o'clock specifically...but I did permanent damage to my knee when I landed from a double roundhouse kick (right-left) on my right knee and inadvertently grabbed the floor with my toes pointed to 12 o'clock...
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    Are competitive Sport Martial Artists superior?

    Exactly. It's called "couch to 5k," and it's hugely popular.
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    Are competitive Sport Martial Artists superior?

    But you were posting about style versus style, not intensity versus intensity. If Rafael Aghayev (professional karate athlete) was compared to a 50-year-old office worker or 14-year-old kid who did BJJ two hours per week for fun and fitness, it'd be a night-and-day difference too.
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    What exactly is the difference between "modern" and "old-school" Taekwondo?

    just one opinion, but I think the difference between 1990s taekwondo and modern taekwondo can really be tied to the electronic hogu. And I can relate it to something I've seen in fencing. In saber, where you need a judge to recognize that you got the touch in most situations, saberists are very...
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    Are competitive Sport Martial Artists superior?

    Pressure testing your abilities in your sport, and pressure testing your style versus other styles in multi-style competition, are two entirely different issues. And this thread, I thought, was about sport styles where athletes pressure test their abilities in sport, versus noon-sport styles...
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    From a spectator enjoyment perspective, I'd rather watch Glory kickboxing then either, because I personally don't enjoy watching wrestling or a ground game, and I kickboxing has a more exciting stand-up game in my opinion. If the only two choices are Sanda or MMA, I'll watch Sanda.
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    Are competitive Sport Martial Artists superior?

    I'm not sure if they're TKD or TSD, but either way, sport competition is pretty darned common in the Korean arts, including WT TKD being in the NCAA and Olympics. Holding up a photograph of TKD and TSD as an example of people who don't engage in competitive sports is an odd choice. You seem to...
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    So people still believe this?

    The "get off my lawn" tone is strong with Bill Superfoot Wallace in the original post's video. Do I agree with what he says? No. I think the Gracies were conscious about portraying BJJ in a good light, but I don't think anything was rigged. Am I going to rage about what an awful person...
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    Latest Karate Combat "Anger Wat"

    They just released "episode 2" with three more fights. Better fights this time in my opinion, especially the third, which almost had an old-school PKA-karate feel to it. Also featured Josh Quayhagen in fight number 2, and I've always enjoyed watching him fight.
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    Do Shotokan and Goju Ryu competitors fight the same in point tournaments?

    I think of the straight-punch blitz and the reverse-punch sniper both as classic Stotokan sparring styles (think Vitor Belfort for the former, Lyoto Machida being the latter). I kinda associate Goju more with infighting, but I can't even articulate where that association comes from, and don't...
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    Latest Karate Combat "Anger Wat"

    But other leagues would stretcher someone and provide continuing medical attention to someone whose body is so very visibly shutting down, instead of standing him up repeatedly and having him walk out of a pit on legs that aren't moving remotely correctly.
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    Latest Karate Combat "Anger Wat"

    A subsequent tweet stated that it was diagnosed as rhabdo (not a brain injury as I thought) and he's going to be fine...but I thought I was watching someone dying from a brain bleed. I didn't like watching it and I didn't like how it was handled.
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    Do Shotokan and Goju Ryu competitors fight the same in point tournaments?

    Yes and no. "Japan Karate Association" is a Shotokan organization, so if it's a JKA tournament, there won't be Goju folks. "World Karate Federation" has karate folks from multiple styles, so if it's a WKF tournament, you'll have both Shotokan and Goju and more styles; it's a sport organization...