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    Muay thai Photography

    One of the guys from my gym photographs our shows too, you can see some of his shots here:
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    Im shopping for muay thai gear is one of the bigger shops that sells Muay Thai gear so it'll be pretty safe. As safe as online shopping normally is. All the rest of your questions would be better put to the shop themselves. There's a 'live help' button on the front page.
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    Where to Look

    It just takes longer to acquire the skill. One day at training I suddenly found a could block a few kicks that I could never do before. For a while I only used my lead leg to block too, but that stopped after time too. Just keep sparring and it'll come.
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    A Guide to Boxing Gloves

    I've never used everlast gloves but I'd imagine that they'll be fine for MT use. I'm not sure what you mean about the flexibility, maybe harder to keep a good grip during the clinch if the gloves weren't designed with it in mind? But to be honest, that's a struggle with any gloves at 14oz cos...
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    United Kingdom: Turn in your neighbor if he has replicas

    Just you try it... :) Is there not another stipulation to that law? I've heard it but the Scotsman has to be in a kilt, or the Englishman must use a bow and arrow from the city walls. Or something like that anyway...
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    I hate these "What If" debates

    Yeah, but I mean, what if, like, the Bears/Dolphins could have one superpower each and the Patriots were all missing at least 3 fingers?!
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    how do you toughen your shins?

    good link. Although it dispels the myth that us Thai boxers are superhuman. Boo.
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    Just curious about this...

    Pec flys would probably be my favorite. Followed by bicep curls and pullovers.
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    3rd Party Ipod Software??

    Here are 10 suggestions...
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    A few muay thai questions.

    you'll be more amazed :)
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    user names once againe

    Here I was thinking he was just obsessed with Street Fighter :)
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    user names once againe

    Nice one. It's the crest from the Gordon clan. My surname is Adie, which is a sect of the Gordon clan, so that's my family motto you've got there :) I've always like the translation of "stand strong" personally. As for my username- my big brother was nicknamed "Big Dez", and all his friends...
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    A few muay thai questions.

    You've pretty much hit the nail on the head. From my experience anyway. First time you go you'll be shown the basic stance, the basic punches (straight punches, uppercut and hooks) and the basic kicks (thai roundhouse kick and front kick/teep). You might also be shown the basic elbows (cross...
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    how do you toughen your shins?

    I've never tried the method above but from what I hear it's not advisable at all. Hitting or rolling your shins will kill the nerves (so less pain = "tougher") but it can also damage the bone and cause problems later in life. I think the best way to prepare your shins is to kick a heavy bag...
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    YARRR! IT BE SEPT 19th!

    thank god for this thread, i almost forgot. arr.