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    advice on incorporating a specific technique into systema

    IMHO, "transferring" is the mindset that won't take you far. Why are you thinking of knowing various things as two different boxes and feel the need to transfer contents? One inch punch, connected series of punches... don't transfer them, just do it when you feel like that is a good response...
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    The future of Systema is here

    One more of our kids is joining in. Check the end of this clip:
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    Starov vs. Kadochnikov, is this going too far?

    Whatever it was, my opinion about "Starov vs. Kadochnikov, is this going too far?" is that Starov has gone too far long time ago. Also, IMHO there is no Starov vs. Kadochnikov, there is only Starov vs. old self. Dart Vader at his best.
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    One sport has some aspects developed in more details or better than other and vice versa. Smart people want to learn everything available. That's why.
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    The future of Systema is here

    Hehe yes, Steffe's son is great! Here are some more of "our" kids which are introduced into Systema and MA world generally
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    Systema vs. Krav Maga

    Correct. KM work is "driven by" or "come out" different part of brain than Systema. Both are good. No vs. for me. Just keep on learning guys. IMHO, KM is more suitable for fast learning, but the main principles can be questioned in sick/tired/older guys self defense situation. Both for me :-)
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    [Video] SKAD - Stickfighting, long, short, and unarmed

    I just hope that they don't train this way 27x7. This kind of work is good for testing "where you are", but at the same time real development, creativity, sensitivity,...,... killer. This is a fast work for demo purposes, right?
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    [Video] SKAD - Stickfighting, long, short, and unarmed

    Obvious proof that realistic work (testing) cannot be pretty for an observer. I respect and recognize this kind of work but it is as dangerous to skill improvement process as it is useful. BTW, music is so annoying and inappropriate.
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    Latest video clips - Systema Serbia

    You are welcome Brian. I'll try to steal some more time from my work and create another one with some knife work, fist fighting... It was rather interesting seminar and great crowd.
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    Latest video clips - Systema Serbia

    Highlights from seminar "Training above the clouds" on Kopaonik moutain - June 2007 Excerpt from 2 DVD set Movement as Defence .
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    Bare Knuckle Russian Pugilism!

    Just a little correction, that "another clip" is actually Storm Fighter challenging Kadochnikov style guy. Inside RMA context, word Systema is often related to Mikhail, Vlad and that line...
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    Systema In Michigan

    That is how Systema people are! "Impossible to get a hold of" :-)