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    karate schools in St. Louis area

    Okinawa Karate-Do Michael Norvell is the instructor. He is located here 5619 Pershing Ave St. Louis, MO. If you go there tell him Jeremy Talbott from Sharkeys recommended him. He is a great traditional karate-ka and budo-ka practitioner.
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    Good Anthropological Sources for Korea

    Under the Black Umbrella by Hilda Kang Anything from JayHyun Kim Haboush I have several of the books that you have mentioned. I really like the Under the Black Umbrella. And the writings from Kim, JayHyun are excellent. Good luck.
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    Why is WTF/KKW TKD More Expensive Than Other Arts?

    There are a lot of factors that go into this, not just the style. First and foremost, market demand will drive pricing. More times than not if you have a demographic of younger (example: 4-12 year olds) and you live in a middle - upper middle class area, you will have more demand for schools...
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    Sang H Kim and his dvds.

    They are not revolutionary but I personally like them. If you friend has a lot of experience in stick fighting I do not believe he will get a lot out of them. If he is a beginner, then he would enjoy them.
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    Where Does Taekwondo End, and Gymnastics Begin?

    But you have not seen their style of fighting. All you have seen is their style of demo. It is a safe bet that they know better than to try and throw a 540 jack knife kick in a an actual combat situation. But ask yourself this, if they can produce enough speed and power to throw some of these...
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    Where Does Taekwondo End, and Gymnastics Begin?

    How? They are practicing inside their own school? Are you saying that if they were doing traditional poomsae, then this video would be ok or if they were just kicking paddles with regular round kicks or spin kicks then they are practicing quiet humility? I really don't understand how humility...
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    Mu Duk Kwan, Wha?????!!!!

    This is not entirely correct. First off the two schools that faltered from joining, but latere rejoined was the Jidokwan and Moodukkwan, the other schools went in willingly. To say that they would lose their heritage is sort of a stretch since the vast majority were all from shotokan schools...
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    Bad School

    As easy as it is for everyone to ask you to just solicit another school for your services, many schools do not just hire off the street. Plus you run the risk of the other school calling your current employer asking why you are knocking on their door. What are you going to tell the other...
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    Korean Stick Arts

    You will not see any mention of it in the MYDBTJ. That book dealt with weapons that were used for military combat. So outside of the kwonbup, and I believe staff, it dealt with bladed weapons of different sorts. I would think most "Korean" origins would be through hapkido and its Aiki-jitsu...
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    Korean Stick Arts

    I have the stick fighting book by Echanis. While he was at one point a student of GM Lee's I do not believe these techniques were directly from the HRD system. I believe the heart of this was Echanis's special forces training with the weapons and not directly related to the HRD system. There...
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    What forms do you do?

    Well there you go. You have your style. As you can see by my list of forms, we have have a mixture as well. We have both Okinawa karate and KKW taekwondo. If I needed to I can teach them as separate arts entirely. Am I a TKD school? No. Am I a karate school? No. I am a martial art school. :)
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    What forms do you do?

    Sounds a lot like you just do Shotokan. We do the following: Taikyoko 1-3 Taeguk 1-8 Taichi Gedan Wansu Gyakusei Anaku Empisho Basadai Seionchin Sanchin Taichi Neko Dahnan Sho Go Pei Sho Kankusho Weapons forms: Tsuisho (bo), Shushi No Kon sho (bo), Bo/Sai/Kama/Nunchaku/Tonfa theory...
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    Testing fees?

    I do not feel, for the most part that exams are a scam. You have to look at it from a different perspective. If the instructor makes their livelihood teaching, his/her major source of income come from three different areas, tuition, equipment sales, testing fees. Some places will charge a...
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    Shaking hands with a senior

    We can't help it Steve...You are just too damn huggable.
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    Conditioning And Stuff

    [/COLOR] I wanted to add just a little something here so that that there are no misunderstandings. When the term "non-standard instructor" is being used, it is in no mean dismissing the instructor as fake, no good, or misleading. It is simply means that the instructor has not adapted the news...