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    Multiple MMA gyms?

    No, Im just wondering if its the norm to go to multiple gyms
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    Multiple MMA gyms?

    Do people go to multiple mma gyms or often stick to one? Say one gym has different technique but another gym works on great grappling
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    Ginastica Natural

    I retract my statement about Ido Portals stuff, its not all goofy n a lot of it looks interesting.
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    Ginastica Natural

    Cant seem to find it much here, ido portals stuff looks too goofy IMO.
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    Ginastica Natural

    its an art many who are in BJJ do, its kinda like yoga to animal forms? my Explanations kinda eh.
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    Ginastica Natural

    Is this art going out of style? Havent seen many instructors in the USA
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    Who would you train under

    What did you think of the Dog Brothers hand to hand?
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    Im 36 and have very little training in martial arts My question is what arts do you guys train that get the most injuries and the least
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    Modernization of Ninjutsu

    Stephen Hayes does modern form of ninjutsu, people will say hes bs yet The Pit where Chuck Liddell trained didnt think so.
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    Who would you train under

    I think he does Seminars
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    Who would you train under

    As Im getting older I am starting to consider going to different gyms when I go on vacation if you had your choice of training with any martial arts teacher you wanted, who would it be?
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    Legendary grapplers

    Billy Robinson Lou Thesz Martin Burns AKA Farmer Burns Karl Gotch as another poster mentioned Gene Lebell if you want names of modern submission experts who still fight or teach Gokor chivichyan is Lebells student and is said to tap out UFC champs regularly Yoshiaki Fujiwara is Karl Gotchs...
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    Why are almost all instructors

    Probably for quality control you want to know they arent teaching bs, honestly its likely better to find a teacher who was trained well by a good teacher.
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    Online training?

    Can one train online without sparring and having a teacher to correct them?