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    Question about Dobok Care

    This is great information and gives me some lifelong tips. Especially with ironing gis.
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    Uselessness of kata in the real world!

    Yes it is. I enjoyed the healthy debate though. To me kata has two parts. The first part is to prepare one for combat situations should they ever arise in the street or in kumite. The second part is to be artistic. There is nothing like seeing a well practiced kata in a competition with...
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    Uselessness of kata in the real world!

    Steve I like your points and they make a lot of sense. I respect and agree with what you are saying. The structure that Cus provided Tyson allowed him to channel his criminal behavior into something more constructive which was boxing and it did that for him. Once that structure was...
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    Uselessness of kata in the real world!

    I totally understand your point and agree with you about 60%. A boxing drill cannot be looked at as a kata however when you closely look at the video on the way Tyson trained in his earlier days, he moved his head a certain way, he positioned himself a certain way around his opponent, threw...
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    Uselessness of kata in the real world!

    I find kata as a way in martial arts of bringing organization to punches, kicks, strikes and blocks to different pressure points to a person's body during an attack. I believe doing katas in combination with sparring helps us learn how to correctly apply those techniques in a real setting...
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    Getting the weight down

    You look good, keep up the good work.
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    I figured out how to make this work. I took the KI International label off of an old belt that I used and had my seamstress sew it on to my new Japanese belt and that ended my issue. I like the KI labels as well.
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    Actually, I would feel out of place wearing it. Which is why I posted this thread. I do appreciate your response because I feel the same way but needed to get a second opinion.
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    I have a weird question. Does the label on a person's belt always have to match their style of martial arts? I ask because I love the shito-kai circular label on Tokaido or Hirota belts but my main style of karate is shotokan. I could wear a JKA label but the shito-kai label appeals to me more...
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    Olympic Karate KO.

    I saw that kick and thought it was a great kick however it was hard to control that type of kick when the guy leaned in toward it. In the split second it made contact the competitor was out cold. The attacker would have needed to react in a split second to control the kick. I think if the...
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    About black belts

    I have a plain Tokaido 1.75 cotton belt and a 2 inch wide soft kataaro belt that work well for me. They are very simple belts that do the job quite nicely for me.
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    Best Black Belt: Silk, Satin, or Cotton

    I prefer heavy cotton black belts like the KI international and Tokaido black belts. I find that they stay tied in the same position for a long time during class.
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    Dojo life

    Classes at my dojo in Cypress CA are filling up quite nicely after a year and a few months of restrictions. We lost some students last year who I haven't seen back. Now we seem to be getting a new core of students. The regular black belts like myself and others have been stable and that has...
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    question about belt

    Great advice.
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    Black Belts who makes the best Belt

    Shuriedo, KI and Tokaido are good belts.