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    Dungeons and Dragons, a return

    So much this!
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    Dungeons and Dragons, a return

    Back in the 80's Chaosium made it easy for people to publish settings using their Basic Roleplaying system, so there were Thieves' World supplements, some stuff from Midkemia Press (the gaming group that created the world where Raymond Feist set his Riftwar novels) and others that I'm...
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    Dungeons and Dragons, a return

    Yeah, my older cousin introduced me to D&D in 3rd grade. I had no idea how to GM and was terrible at it for years, but we had fun anyway. To be fair to my younger self, a fair number of the professionally published modules were kind of terrible back then too, and the whole hobby was in its...
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    Dungeons and Dragons, a return

    It's fun to see how many on this board play D&D. I was introduced to D&D in ~1979 in elementary school and have kept it up ever since. I've played a huge number of different RPGs over the years and hundreds of hours of D&D during that time. These days I mostly GM Chaosium's Basic...
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    Optimum Physique without need to meet weight class?

    Function determines the optimal build for a given athletic endeavor. Genetics determines how closely any individual can possibly approximate that optimum. Knowledge, effort, and circumstance determines how close any individual can come to reaching their personal genetic ideal for a given...
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    Optimum Physique without need to meet weight class?

    Before Covid I owned a small strength training gym and because I do martial arts a lot of my clients were martial artists of one sort or another and many of those practiced BJJ. Without exception, every single one of them told me that strength training made it a lot easier to submit people. I...
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    Fiction MA Books you'd recommend

    Steve Perry (Sci-Fi writer, not Journey's ex-frontman) is a Silat practitioner and has trained in a number of other arts I believe. A lot of his books do a good job with fight scenes. I'm not sure if they qualify as martial arts books, they're mostly science fiction, but they might hit the...
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    Reducing my sugar intake.

    That's awesome! I think reducing sugar is really beneficial. I'm glad that a cutting back approach is working for you and I'll keep your ideas in mind the next time someone asks me about reducing their sugar intake. Sweetened drinks are the thing that most people tell me they really struggle...
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    Body method

    This is how the Hapkido school where I trained generated power, not quite as exaggerated as that video, but the same concept. I found it to be very effective for that purpose.
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    Advice for losing double chin

    Perhaps it's a change in posture then. I've never instructed anyone to train just the anterior muscles in the neck, so if I'm doing neck work with a client I am also working the posterior muscles, etc. Many of my clients had very head forward posture related to computer work. I may very well...
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    Steven Seagal and Jesse Emkamp

    The Geezer Teaser:
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    Question - Karate?

    While this may be mostly true, there there are a lot of Koreans who still have extremely hard feelings about the Japanese forced mobilization of Korean citizens, the Japanese use of Korean "comfort women", etc. during WWII. So, yeah, nationalism is a large part of it, but not necessarily in the...
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    Question - Karate?

    I find it fascinating that you live someplace with any public, storefront, Silat schools, much less 3! I studied Silat briefly in Seattle and I'm pretty sure that there were only 2 different guys teaching Silat in the entire greater Seattle area and both were garage schools where you kind of...
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    I've blocked one person permanently and that's it. He was nuts and has since been kicked off the board. For a long time I didn't think I'd have a reason to block anyone but I genuinely believe this guy had real issues and he was semi fixated on me in one thread. Really he was fixated on Jobo...
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    How to still have fun in competition through your old age

    I agree that it shouldn't be used in a vacuum. When my instructor had us do these sorts of drills in Hapkido it was just a piece of the puzzle, primarily used to practice applying/countering joint locks and throws. I think this can be a useful tool to have in your tool chest. Similar to light...