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    Okinawan vs. Japanese Goju Ryu

    As a fellow Meibukan stylist, and having trained with Yagi Meitatsu and sons (Akihito and Akihiro), I can attest to the fact that some of the katas practiced outside of the Okinawan honbu dojo aren't necessarily recognized as canon in the homeland. In Winnipeg, Canada, the only H-patterns we...
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    Static lineage kata vs. individually adapted kata

    As a relative newbie in the martial arts, I personally am hesitant to deviate from the forms set out by those who dedicated their lives to their arts. If I do not understand certain aspects of a kata, I ask those wiser than me, and just work at it myself until some understanding is found...
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    Meibukan Goju Ryu Roll Call

    Hello, all my fellow karateka! Having read these forums for a while, seem there are quite a few goju practitioners out there, I was just curious to see if there are any other Meibukan Goju folks out there. Or if you have any experience with the Meibukan branch of Goju, share those as well...
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    Okinawa, Here I Come!

    I am fortunate to have the chance to travel to Japan this September, and I plan to visit Okinawa to get some training in at the Meibukan Honbu dojo. This is my second time visiting, but my first visit was a little rushed , so I didn't get to see much. Any suggestions from those who have been...
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    Greetings from Winnipeg!

    Hello, my fellow martial artists! After months of lurking around the various forums found on this site, I decided to join this fantastic community. Although I do not have great exposure to the martial arts, having dabbled in judo as a kid, an now with 4 years of Meibukan Goju-Ryu under my fresh...