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    Now access Martialtalk on mobile devices

    yeah, sorry....I answered my own question. Lazyness won phone was so far away, it was over on the counter and that 4 foot walk was daunting. And then there was the laziness of not just clicking on the link that you provided and reading for, laziness never killed anyone!
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    Serving more than one master?

    I think contradictory may be the wrong term flying crane said, two seemingly "contradictory" methods may both be functional. They don't contradict each other, they just use different ways to accomplish a goal. Look at the root here, all martial arts are at their base intended to...
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    Now access Martialtalk on mobile devices

    I went to the full site on my phone and it actually works pretty well (Sprint Evo). I'll try out this one too - it didn't come up automatically on Android. Is there an app or a download required?
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    Casey Anthony: NOT GUILTY (of murder)

    Personally, I think she did it, but my opinion really doesn't matter much. Bottom line is that the Jury didn't have access to the sensational media that has been editorializing every breath from the courtroom for the last month. A lot of evidence was thrown out that we saw as totally true due...
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    Back after an extended hiatus

    Thanks very much everyone! I'm definitely glad to be back. The movers get here tomorrow and the mother in law heads home on Thursday morning, so I may be a bit sparse until I get to SA....but I'm excited to get caught up with everything!!
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    Back after an extended hiatus

    Yep, no problems. Mission Complete, no new or unwanted holes in my body. Aside from the fact that my kid got huge while I was gone, it was fun!
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    Moving to San Antonio

    So I just got orders to move to Randolph AFB in San Antonio, TX. So what good studios are there in SA? Particularly Korean, but I would like to hear about good Aikido too. Also, anything else good to do in San Antonio would be good too. We'll be there for 3 years with a 16 month old (now)...
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    greetings from San Antonio Texas

    Welcome to Martial Talk!
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    Back after an extended hiatus

    Hey everyone! I thought I'd just drop in here, since I've been gone for so long. For those of you that still remember me, Hi! I'm glad to be back - I've missed this place a lot! For all of the new people, my name is Craig Mills. I joined the board back in 2006 while I was in Korea. I've...
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    Hey Boss

    All in all, I like the new format. Especially that it works from my android!!! I'm sure in a few weeks, the old one will look weird to us. Plus, I have been gone for almost a year, so I barely remember the old format!!!
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    'Inmate'? That's offensive!

    Mental Anguish is the point of prison! If prisoners have no mental anguish then the prisons are failing.......
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    Newbe from Pa

    Welcome to MT! Happy posting!
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    Why Americans believe Obama is a Muslim

    But to the general american public, ALL MUSLIMS ARE EVIL. We love to say how we are the land of the free and everyone is equal and no one is racist and all of that great stuff, but it seems that after 9/11, there are many normally rational people, who want to believe that anyone who holds a...
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    Ninjutsu schools in Virginia Beach???

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    Noob lovin it!

    Welcome to MT! Happy posting!