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    Where do you look in sparring?

    Tend to stick with core/centre as I'm with Dirty Dog as it means any shift in their core I can notice so generally know when they are going to commit to an attack and also my peripheral vision picks up any subtle shifts from their shoulders or hips, again a sign of an attack. Has worked for me...
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    Bruce Lee Article

    Came across this article whilst surfing an exercise website, covers his exercise to his diet to rumours of his death, for all you Bruce Lee fans out there I thought I would post the link for anyone that is interested. I will warn you though it is poorly written/translated. How To Build Body...
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    Merry Christmas MT

    Happy christmas guys, hope you have a great time with your friends and families. (Only 1 full week of work left for me too :))
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    Word Association

    time travel - distant
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    Word Association

    Kenobi - Obi-Wan
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    Word Association

    Eyeballin' - You
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    Word Association

    Boy - girl
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    Word Association

    Leaf - Tree
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    Word Association

    Festival - Beer
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    Being tactful and using magic words

    I don't know what all the fuss is about, I was born on the 7/7/77 and all through my life as soon as anyone learns that I get the comments that I must be lucky, what an unusual birthday etc. Never worried about it just smile and laugh along with them, its only an observation from someone trying...
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    Thought I would update everyone on my health

    Great news to hear when someone beats cancer. Congrats :)
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    Is it important to prepare for the martial arts?

    Just jump in or 'trying to get in shape before I start' will always be the excuse/reason why you never start.
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    A bar fight breaks out...

    Killface! Enough said.
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    Last Person Thread #4

    Gym, body combat and kick boxing tonight, my busy night, although will have to take it easy as I think I may have injured my shoulder.
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    Last Person Thread #4

    Nice and warm here too for a change. Shoulders at the gym tonight followed by homemade crab, sweetcorn and noodle soup. mmmm.