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    Just Noticed Something

    That's true too. Oh well maybe in the future they will find a workable solution to the problem.
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    The Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

    I think we all do
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    Just Noticed Something

    True, but every little bit matters. One time does make that much difference, but scale it up to about twenty or more times and that little difference starts to add up. But then again I guess if it was something someone really worried about they could wear somekind of helmet.
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    Something strange on another forum

    Yes indeed there is, but that's like saying there is other food besides bratwurst. MMMMMM bratwurst
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    Just Noticed Something

    Good point, but it seems to me that they could use a core of some kind that would have a weight to it and than wrap it in some kind of padding. Beginning training would be alot easier without the worry of hitting yourself in the head. I realize that no amount of padding is going to make stop it...
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    Anybody else sick of XMA?

    The way I see it is that in the end it will do more good than harm. I don't think it can really do too much harm to the martial arts in general because there are so many other things out there that are counteracting its effects. I know plenty of people that caught the MA spark when they first...
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    Just Noticed Something

    I have been looking around different MA supply sites lately and have seen many foam/padded swords, staffs, knives, nunchakus, and FMA sticks. But I have not seen any foam/padded versions for chain weapons. It doesn't make sense to me.
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    This made me smile....

    Now that's a good one
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    Combat Macram矇

    My thoughts exactly.
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    Very true, It all comes down to choices, and you made the right one.
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    Something strange on another forum
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    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    Dispatch by Bentley Little
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    What regrets (if any) do you have in your training history? Personally I wish I would have started alot earlier in life.
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    Why is it...

    If i underatnd right you are looking for the name of the show that was on discovery, right? If so it was Fight Quest