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  • Hi Dave, I think Ron is changing his date to Sunday 8/23. I spoke with him yesterday and he thinks he'll get a better response on that day. Enjoy Disney-really love it down there, especially Epcot!
    Hi Dave,

    Hope all is well! Master Southwick made the US team and he is planning on having a Competition Poomsae Seminar to help him raise money (long story but our Natl Govrng Body doesn't really financially support Poomsae competitors). It is tentatively scheduled for 8/15. As I get more info, I'll pass it along.
    Hi Dave, I think we are going to have a Poomsae session w/Master Southwick coming up on 6/13. He is confirming the facility-it will be @ Michigan State. When I get the details, will let you know. Hope all is well!
    Hi Dave,

    Yes, I think the email problem w/Comcast is resolved.

    Thanks for the info on the tournament-Sunday 5/10? I will definitely check with my wife-she might want to do a little road trip. I can mention it to my folks and the MI Sport folks as well-do you know if we have to be OTA members?

    Take Care,

    Thanks so much for the add Master Wright! Hope to get a chance to meet you in person on one of my trips to Buffalo. I guess I better get around to renewing my passport...its getting harder for us Yanks to sneak across the border! :D
    Master Wright I thought I would say hello to you Sir. It seems we have alot in common by our posting, maybe one day we can meet and do some training together.
    I'm ok with stretches - do yoga, Body Balance, etc. It's more getting the height, turning and getting a head high kick out that's the problem. And it certainly is knee lift that's an issue. If I jump and turn, with a view to getting my leg out for a kick, my knee lift is way below belt height. I'll try your squat and jump exercise. I take it that you aim to hit your shoulders with your knees while you're still in the air from jumping up from the squat? (I'm amazed the people can bruise their shoulders doing this). Thanks for taking the time reply. Sue
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