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    Taekwondo Doesn't work on someone skilled

    I installed the weapons scoring system for the bombing range in Boardman Oregon. I worked as close as 1,000 feet from the target. The F-16 by the time I heard them I would have been dead rolling up gravel on the ground as they flew past. I had to fight to change the engineering on foundations...
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    Being attacked in public with child

    Its easy for people to analyze from the couch but first while it turned out to be a real problem person to mental health and law enforcement here she was a total unknown to me and she followed from behind. The pathway is less than 3 feet wide icy and a steep incline from that. I was in front...
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    Need advise on taser stopping large dog atacks?

    Its time to go for medical reasons and the family but it will take considerable funds to do so spring/summer hopefully. I have been here 20 years I the region and my wife going on 11. Health care is not only 400% higher here but can easily kill you. My wife has family in the lower 48 and it is...
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    Need advise on taser stopping large dog atacks?

    Its not an option I am jumped on right as I leave our outer door. We wait to look to see if they are not outside, they watch out their window and defiantly let their dog out with out a leash or controlling the Pit. Also they run a office business at a different complex and like to let him run...
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    Being attacked in public with child

    we are and I am getting better therapy and training 5 days a week possibly more advanced stretching in a few weeks and a return to forms but I will likely never return to work again according to doctors here and surgeon in Seattle. Seeing specialist in January nothing to do with this altercation...
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    Being attacked in public with child

    Also I recently had Neuro surgery on my back and has slowed certain functions but I could of easily done more it was my choice to not and the result has been in my favor and for that of my child.
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    Being attacked in public with child

    We did not notice she had followed us outside and again real easy for some to judge not being there. Small community lots of politics
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    Being attacked in public with child

    Yes she has trained with me 4 years has really strong kicks can knock a full grown man down but she is a beautiful spirit and not in her nature to do that especially a bizarre attack like this with out warning? The DA just called me after someone posing and the attackers Public defender wanting...
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    Need advise on taser stopping large dog atacks?

    My dog is large and strong and I maintain him on a leash at all times. Problem is as many as 3 loose male dogs may run up on us at a time while walking. Most serious is a 100lb plus blue pit very aggressive that the owner refuses to leash and runs up on me with him and extremely hard to hold my...
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    Being attacked in public with child

    We went to a movie at a Subway theater and on the way out we talked with 4 young girls who had been texting during the movie. All of a sudden a female came from behind started shouting obscenities and threatening. A worker from behind the sandwich counter told us all to leave. My wife was in the...
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    Security Guards switching unarmed to armed..

    Given that now days anyone at any time can walk in heavily armed I would feel better that they were visibly armed as a deterrent You should have no problem talking with security or HR. In fact if it is not authorized you have a duty to do that because the person could be a problem..
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    Training for older people

    I have 20 years plus in specific training for that age group, I consider myself one of the best at is it not from me but all the talented people and health care professionals that passed on their knowledge along the way over the last 40 years. I have seen some of the most ridiculous people walk...
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    Feeling very sad

    Manny I have been on blood pressure meds for 7 years now yes diet and other things can help but some is inherited you have no choice, live for your family first. The side effects from the meds I have had to deal with and changed meds but one side effect would not leave to personal to post here...
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    Advice on Back Surgery

    its not just walk its sit be able to stand to make a sandwich, walk the dog. It took about 10 days for the pain meds to kick in to give me the ability to drive walk do most everything but not stay on my feet to much maybe 30 minutes at a time not over 30 minutes in a chair either. Its possible I...
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    What should the criteria be for an 18 year old 4th Dan?

    Oh no not the garden patio bricks again you could fart and break those, should at least do head or finger tips geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees :lfao: