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    Eczema on feet makes karate training hard

    i was thinking this problem is only faced by me while practicing martial arts for women, however this post tell me that it is faced by many.
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    How my understanding stances can makes me a better fighter.

    can someone explain better stances and their link with martial arts?
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    What inspires, motivates, and makes you passionate?

    practicing martial arts and without passion is impossible. i love integration of passion and hard working for enjoying my favorite game. martial arts for women is necessary these days for protection.
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    Any Martial Arts Gala's coming?

    Playing and practicing for favorite games can also bring smile and martial arts is my favorite game. martial arts places and practice is now possible as there are so many choices for it.
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    How can I increase my stamina

    I had the same situation so I tried hard to re gain my stamina by hiking and running. This damaged me more so my advice is to not worry. Just do light exercise and a run early in the day. Martial arts uses different types of energy and stamina is one of them. Keep your body flexible and it will...
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    What should a black belt look like?

    most of the men i have seen with black belt are usually slim and their body shape is even not very visible, different from gym guys. i wonder if i have cleared out, what i want to say :headphone::mask:
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    Do u like the idea of age 18 for a black belt?

    its really interesting and i like the way you shared your views about getting the black belt. :shy::headphone:
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    Tell me about your first day of training..

    do you want to share a bit more? martial arts 1st day can be funny :bag::oops::panda:
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    Morning training routines

    thanks buddy i just received my 1st like in the martial art community. :mask::banhappy:o_O
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    Any Martial Arts Gala's coming?

    thanks for letting me know about martial arts gala, wherever it is :)
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    Resources for Beginners

    i just recommended it as one of my relative is learning martial arts from there otherwise you are right, there are so many resources to learn it :oops:
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    Any Martial Arts Gala's coming?

    i want to know about the upcoming events in martial arts as well :poto:
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    Do u like the idea of age 18 for a black belt?

    its all dependent on personal preferences of individual :doctor:
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    Morning training routines

    i am trying to add little exercise in morning on daily basis still unable to manage time for all the stuff and martial arts :bucktooth:
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    Martial Art Abbreviations

    i was confused too however martial art abbreviations meaning is available in search engines as well :D