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    Is it not a good idea to use boxing in a street fight situation do to the risk of breaking bones in

    Nothing is perfect for self defence. Even, what is self defense? Or what is the kind of attacks you have in mind? Anything will need to be adapted from what it is to what you want or need. I am sure boxing will be helpful, expecially if you are aware of the hands and wrists weakness. You can...
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    What discilpine is this move taught in

    Well, if it is sort of tomae nage, then Judo. Not in BJJ as well? I learnt is in a self-defense style, so it could also be taught in several schools/styles.
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    older guy with bad joints (but still strong) What's for me?

    Check where people your age is training, near you. If you can see, check where they train safe. Where 1 or 2 of these are true, probably they can adapt to your limitations. Style is not the most relevant, yet what we want to hear...
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    What discilpine is this move taught in

    Or any other Thai style... or even some Kung Fu...
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    Coordinate your punch with back foot landing, or with leading foot landing?

    Back foot on floor and leading foot landing, for power. But for speed, often I cannot land the back feet, only the leading feet.
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    How can I train for 6 hours daily?

    As others said, do not overdue (or you risk killing the dream). Why not 1.5h in the morning + 1.5h in the afternoon, or something like that? It would be still great; and easier to fill.
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    What is the point of a tag in a full-contact fight?

    A few I remember now: -To test oponents' reactions, speed, timing; -If distance is wrong, sometimes better a tag than compromising balance; -To create openings, for other attacks; -To keep opponent busy, at the expense of little energy, sort of defensive attack; -To show up to jury and public at...
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    Boxing gloves

    Sandee and Twins are popular, long lasting and safe bets. (I am sure I am missing another big one.) It is also safe to ask your instructors first. They may want you to use bigger, safer gloves than the ideal for your weight... BUT I would just borrow or buy anything cheap to start. In the mean...
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    How do you begin your classes/training?

    Rugby, sort of. The one with the ball could be technically manipulated, by 1 or more. No distinct uniforms; teams could be 20+ each (and the enemy would ask for the ball). This is the only that is worth to mention. Then I have also seen plenty of running, shadow boxing and other typical stuff.
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    Muay Thai Advice For Beginners

    Sometimes even experienced guys want to make sure to beginners they know one thing or two. I don't think one needs to prove its value every time to everyone else. Ideally, the focus should be in improving oneself and partners. But I have seen the same in Muay Thai and other styles. Perhaps...
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    opening new dojo - living there to save rent?

    I would not mind training (or giving trainings) in a backyard (if it was not for the weather). Garage or adapted room would be a better cheap alternative. Whatever you decide, I would advise to make it self sufficient. You could give your time, at best, but other costs must be paid by students...
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    Thoughts on belt testing fees

    Each school or organization charges differently. Some are more profitable, or profit oriented, than others. I would not mind much about. Your only choice is to pay or leave, isnt it? I was charged a bit (10-25?) for juri evaluation and a book (sort of). Black belt was more extensive, but...
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    Fencing, martial art or no

    I have seen many things called martial+art, even when missing the martial or artistic side of it, or both, without much questioning. So, a yes from me to fencing. It can be martial art as well (or as bad). What about archery? I would say yes, too. More martial than many stereotype styles...
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    Meridian and Vital Point Death Touch

    Acupuncture works where other stuff fails, fails where other stuff works. Or sometimes it works better than others, as any medicine or treatment. Tested on myself as well, normally after conventional stuff failed (as most people do... ) The main difference is actually in the subjectivity of the...
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    How good can you get alone ?

    Alone and before any training, you can improve fitness. Nothing more. In parallel to regular, group training, you can practice a bit (especially striking). You need partners to learn how to manipulate a human body and, eventually, a human mind (fighting), and to improve timing. Not to say for...