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    The role of patterns/forms/poomsae in Taekwondo

    I've found plenty of times that I can learn new techniques faster thanks to being able to liken a move or tactic to a sequence in a pattern I've done. I htink like anything, you get out of a pattern what you're willing to put in.
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    "The" ITF

    The obligation is a two way street.
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    FBI seeks possible sniper in DC area

    It only proves how enlightened he is.
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    Keith Olbermann Suspended from MSNBC

    It can't be slander if it's true. That aside, the reasoning behind the suspension is kinda strange. Are they really trying to fool anyone by playing the fair and balanced card? Olberman was hired specifically to be a partisan hack. Was there anyone who thought the dude was unbiased and...
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    Keith Olbermann Suspended from MSNBC

    Such a scandal. He should've done the responsible thing and sexually harassed someone, or bought illegal drugs to fuel an obscene addiction like responsible pundits do.
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    The tolerance canard

    Well then, why exactly is it suddenly vital to have stuff like cartoons featuring Mohammed? It wasn't exactly on the top of anyone's list before 9-11 but now pissing off moderate Muslims seems to be job 1. Honest criticism? Really? Which explains the whole ground zero mosque flap...
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    Dylan Ratigan: A most excellent rant on 'War with Islam'

    "They get to be pissy. We should get to be pissy too! At least we have valid reasons!" (Mainly their pissiness justifies it all apparently.) This is a deep argument I'm supposed to treat as a valid point of high minded discussion?
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    Biggest looser real looser

    More interesting would be a source. Pubmed's drawing a blank.
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    Dylan Ratigan: A most excellent rant on 'War with Islam'

    Tail wagging the dog.
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    Dylan Ratigan: A most excellent rant on 'War with Islam'

    It's a lot like poor David Koresh. He just wanted to fondle under aged girls, stockpile weapons, and pretend to be Jesus. The evil government had to go and say no tho...
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    Discrimination posting on Craigslist

    I'm shocked that he was offering an actual job on Craig's list. It's usually, "Unpaid intern wanted to build my company a web site, and do other work for my clients as I see fit." Nice illegal jackass postings seem to be the standard...
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    Too Lenient?

    Performance degrades without adequate hydration. Depends on whether you want them tough (but kinda sloppy) or you want them to be fit and getting the optimum training benefit.
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    Rank testing fees credentials

    Koreans don't universally dictate certification fees.
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    Contact Sparring

    Calm the Hulk down. He just wants to be left alone. The the worst shots I've taken were during "no contact" sparring. Nothing debilitating but super annoying stuff like shin clashes sans pads etc.
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    Family did not pay $75 annual fee, firefighters watch house burn

    Heck yes it's classy. You'd be doing him the biggest favor of his life if you refused him that bread. Tell him about bootstraps instead, and then he'll rise up on an incentive based will of iron and go earn some bread for himself.