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    "she did not report the attack because she feared losing custody of her children"

    ya know how many times i must have driven past this "individual" when i lived in Peabody? i lived not 5 minutes from them at one point, and then i moved up the street from where he worked! makes me sick to think that i probably was in the same room with him at some bar at some point! BTW the...
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    "I believe I was next"

    i usually just get right back in front of them, if there is a line behind me ill invite them to join me. if the "individual" says somthing ...well it depends on my mood and their attitude whether i simply explain to them that there are people in line, or scold them like a bad dog and explain...
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    The Coming War with Iran?

    On March 30, the Russian News & Information Agency, Novosti, cited "a high-ranking security source: "The latest military intelligence data point to heightened US military preparations for both an air and ground operation against Iran."..... from an article that is a year old? 27/ 03/ 2007...
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    A Look Into The Future

    LMAO i was wondering when the BSOD would show up, and i think that was it at the end!! looked awful neat though
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    Word Association

    mental breakdown= unscheduled vacation from the ordinary
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    Defense against Pickpockets

    i just dont have anything worth taking lol but, if im going into a busy unkown place its not uncommon for me to move my wallet to my front pocket. its also not uncommon for me to forget that ive done this and when i reach for my wallet or check to see that its there (still in my back pocket...
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    Searching for thread this is the only one that i could find
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    Katana (order from for discount) not knowing your budget, training or your intentions for the katana i imagine its hard to suggest specifics. the links i provided are (to...
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    When not to rob...

    by the sound of it..."An armed robber" "and waving machetes" (quotes from 2 different sentences) i would imagine one WAS armed with a gun, but both had machetes. of course i dont give much credit to the media for reporting the truth, so who knows what happened fun story though! thank...
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    Lucid Dreaming...

    i know exactly what you mean!! i havent been able to dream lucidly without waking up since i was a kid. one thing that come to mind from recent times (in the last year or so) is a couple events where i could see what was around me even though my eyes were closed. (yeah i know how that...
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    Ideal General Training?

    Great post Lorak. its been a long time (close to 10 years now) since ive done anything like this, but from what i remember when i did this kind of variation (run, then sprint, then run...) it took my mind off of the running at "normal" speed and instead of running being tough i got to think of...
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    The Last Person.....

    bleh, why does it have to snow?!?! i dont like it, i dont want it, make it stop, please? and HI EVERYONE!
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    Zombie Survival Quiz

    B,B,C,F overall Z+
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    The Last Person.....

    good morning MT
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    The Last Person.....

    could be worse Hand Sword i have to replace a hard drive in my good computer. apparently no OS=expensive clothes rack. (stupid western digital!) THIS computer crashes when i try and do anything fun with it :rpo: