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    How important is the MA element in all action films

    I am a fan of Hong Kong style kung fu movies, I like the wire work and seeing stuff that is physically impossible. I also like very realistic movies where you can see techniques that work, and that are well filmed to be realistic. Movies to me are a chance to suspend reality for a couple of...
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    What is it with kung fu movies...

    Interesting, I do know what is real and not, and I absolutely love the Hong Kong genre of Kung Fu movies! I am not watching a movie to learn techniques, I am being entertained. I am being shown something very clearly not in the realm of reality, because movies are an escape from reality. If I...
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    Can I get a refund?

    At the school I go to if you choose more than month to month (which is an option) you get the opportunity to have 1 month in 12 where you can request to skip if you are going to miss a significant portion of that month. The reality is that stuff happens, and sometimes in the school (like...
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    Tito Ortiz resigns with the UFC?

    Guys, read to the bottom of the article...April Fools joke! Seriously, Jenna as a ring girl as part of the deal?!? C'mon!
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    I'm curious. Why do people study more than Martial Art.

    I have trained with Dave in the past, he is great! I used to train at Impact Karate, not sure if you've ever had the opportunity to train w/ Joe Cooper when he's been down there, but he was our head instructor.
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    I'm curious. Why do people study more than Martial Art.

    I'm only posting because my reasoning was a little different. I started with a mixed style of TKD, Kenpo, and some jiu jitsu. I love the school and the instructors, but when I moved across town I couldn't make classes. I tries some schools with similar skill sets, but decided I wanted to...
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    An odd conversation with my 1st instructor

    That's a great story, you should be proud! I also know a lot of guys who have given up, it's fantastic that you stayed with it for that long.
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    UFC: BJ penn vs. Kenny Florian at UFC 101 in Philadelphia on August 8

    Wow, Shinya Aoki is the #1 rated lightweight...that's interesting, and a little surprising...he's clearly very good, but they are giving a lot of weight to Dream, which is a fairly new promotion.
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    Dana tells his countrymen that the Brits 'are coming to kill you!'

    I think it would be great if there wasn't a bunch of drama, but realistically they will be put in situations to generate it, because that's what people expect from reality tv. I mostly hope that the fights are great enough to draw some of the attention away.
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    What are your thoughts on Kimbo Slice

    I completely agree, Kimbo made the most of his shot at stardom and money, and was thoroughly set up and taken advantage of by an unscrupulous promotion. He was never a highly skilled MMAist, more of a tough guy...and in the end a tough guy with a weak chin.
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    I have a pair, ugly as sin but they are sure comfortable, and easy. I often wear them to and from the JJ school because I can slip them on and off. My kids have them, and they love them, and I like that they can slip them on and off on their own.
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    Bully beat down

    Hadn't heard of the show until this thread, went out and did a quick search on it...I'll dvr it and check it out. It sounds interesting, and nothing like what I originally thought when it was described. It looks like a combination of a tough man/bully thing, give them a shot to see if they are...
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    Glass Company Owner Slingshots MA Studio - Caught by Students

    Wow, I know times are tough, but seriously? And chosing to go after a MA school, doesn't seem the smartest.
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    BJJ Banter Thread

    Tonight was working from knee on belly and then taking the back from 3/4 mount. Good workout, but my wrist is hurting so I didn't have the focus I like to have. After that I rolled with the biggest guy in the room, a blue belt, I feel like I just keep getting more calm each time I roll, so I...
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    Bullying in BJJ.

    I just started bjj last summer at the ripe young age of 35. I have never felt bullied, harrassed, beat up, or anything else he described. At our school we are all trying to get better and help each other get better. I was thoroughly beaten (fairly and with no additional zeal than I would...