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    Canada's Online Surveillance Bill: Section 34 "Opens Door To Big Brother"

    It is officially " Don't Toews me Bro" Tuesday Email Mr. Toews. Stop this nonsense now.
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    They're never gonna live it down

    Ya science may be a little rusty but I am thinking the officer holding the dog should be happy it didn't work! Seriously, bitten how many times? After one bite, shouldn't the officers have been smart enough to call animal control to take care of the pooch if he was so ruthless, what...
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    so yeah, I have a stalker

    :lfao: :lfao: Too funny!
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    David Carradine R.I.P

    ATTENTION ALL USERS: Lets make sure we have a little decorum when we are responding here and perhaps we could keep our feelings about suicide out of the thread. Ya all wanna talk about whether suicide is a cowards way out or not, start another thread. I don't believe that is the original...
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    Another reason to love nature

    I used to watch them outside my bedroom window as a kid. The blue/purple/yellow are much more rare then the green. I find them absolutely fascinating and relaxing as well. Takes me back to my childhood every time.
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    Should Sex Ed be reformed?

    I am really rather enjoying this conversation and would really hate for this to go down the toilet. I am not moderating here, cause I am involved in the thread but I am asking as another member of this board to not let this get personal. We are adults after all and don't need this thread to...
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    Should Sex Ed be reformed?

    Thanks for the answer TF, I really appreciate it. I find sometimes you post rather straight from the hip and don't explain your points, bring the hair up at the back of my neck very often, and I have to stop and try and figure out what you mean, hence asking the question, lol. Oh and...
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    Should Sex Ed be reformed?

    Why? Serious questions here, why should it be limited? Seems very simple thinking to what is a complex problem. And it is on subject and not personal. And for the record, TF didn't offend me with his post, I agree with him to a certain extent but what I don't agree with is the lineal...
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    Should Sex Ed be reformed?

    Stupid or weak or naive or wanting love from somewhere or peer pressured or whatever COULD have been changed by sex ed, or at least helped. Sex ed isn't just about how to use a condom. It is an environment for teens/kids to be able to see and learn options. Saying NOTHING would change that is...
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    Should Sex Ed be reformed?

    Think back to when you were a kid just for a moment. Now, I wasn't a bad kid in any sense but damn I had girlfriends getting pregnant, left right and center. Sex education was just starting. Free clinics were not as available and girls were terrified that mom and dad would find their birth...
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    Sharing a proud mommy moment!

    I love proud mommy moments. Congrats to her! Brag away! :D
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    Coffee for kids?

    I have no problem with a child drinking coffee...neither of mine do, they have never been interested in it. What I think is a bad thing for kids is to use it as "breakfast" and to "wake them up" as many adults do, myself included. I try to stress to my kids the importance of breakfast. I pack...
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    Just all Farkin' Kinds of Wrong

    It makes me sad how many ways we can come up with harming each other. It is mind boggling actually. I just hold hope that as much energy that goes into creating things like this is counter acted with energy put forth to find a way that we can all live peacefully on our little planet.
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    Columbia Martial Arts Academy opens in Vancouver WA

    Fantastic! You worked very hard to achieve this! You don't need me to wish you luck, you have everything it takes to succeed; perseverance, dedication and a great love of what you do.
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    Wish me luck guys!

    Good luck! I am sure you will do great! Do us little people have to call you Dr.? :)