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    Muscle pain in oblique muscles

    Hi, After practicing martial arts on my own I have a lot of muscle pain in the oblique muscles of the lower back and on the sides. These are the muscles that tilt your pelvis to the side. When / How long? Usually I can feel some fatigue on the same day and muscle pain lasts for a few days...
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    Well, I Finally Did It

    My dad took up wing Tsun when he was close to 70. He keeps training and has had much fun. Good decision. Have fun too.
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    Open your opponent's guard

    There are many ways to open the guard: - hit or kick where it isn't, - faint a technique to have the opponent move the guard and go to no. 1 - usually a few techniques in a row will create some opening - move around the opponent - if you deliver a powerful blow even a good guard has limits; I...
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    Can you learn spinning aerial kicks in your 30s?

    Age is just a number. Beeing in your 30s you still have plenty of time and potential to improve. You probably won't be a world champion or so but you still have a lot ahead. If you think your time is more or less up then it will be so because you are mentally limiting yourself. Watch your...
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    Doing Tai Chi on rollerblades?

    As Jeremy Clarkson would say: it's like the queen running a 110 meter hurdle... Technically feasible but...
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    What does my body type need?

    Kalimera! Ask 10 people and you'll probably get close to 10 different answers. So here is my different answer... Sport in itself won't do much: the human body is very efficient and has many compensation mechanisms. Burn 500 calories in sport (be it martial art or whatever), the body can...
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    Run away from no-mask people

    No: The virus will spread anyway. Masks may slow it down a bit but not more than that. We've been wearing a mask for months already and the virus has kept spreading. What matters is a good immune system.
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    How many repetitions / Training in a dim environment

    Makes perfect sense but it triggers a question in my mind: should we differentiate between combos for a fight / sparring and combos for the purpose of training the technique? In a sparring you want swift combinations to strike your opponent. When training could it make sense to use odd combos...
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    How many repetitions / Training in a dim environment

    Hi Dvcochran, No I don't have any suitable mirror. Depending on light conditions I could use the doors/windows when training on my terrace but that's definitely not as good as a mirror. And in the morning or in the evening it's dark in northern Germany, so forget about those doors/windows. I...
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    How many repetitions / Training in a dim environment

    @ kung-fu wang: yes I often practice combinations but usually because I find it more difficult to perform the technique after that. Performing a spin back kick is not too difficult but if you do a jab-cross-hook punch before then it becomes more complex to launch a clean spin back kick (for me...
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    How many repetitions / Training in a dim environment

    Hi! Two questions about training on one's own outdoors: How many repetitions should one do when training a given technique? The more the better or is there a kind of optimal amount? I have noticed that after a while you're getting somehow tired (muscle fatigue, less focussed). Should one then...
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    Really bummed about my recent test

    Hi Skrib, I haven't practiced TKD but other MAs and I totally understand you're upset. You are a perfectionist and so it is no wonder that you are disappointed with a result that would please many other students. As you are already black belt 3rd dan I take it for granted you know what you are...
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    Run away from no-mask people

    I ab-so-lu-te-ly don't care if someone does not wear a mask. I work in a rather large company in Hamburg in Germany and I commute with the train. I haven't had any single day of remote working since outbreak of covid 19. I haven't been infected or at least haven't had any symptoms. I...
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    What can average joes accomplish realistically in sanctioned competitions?

    And another point: A weight lifting champion has trained muscles in a certain way that is not completely unrelated to a fight but his / her nervous system is totally untrained for a fight -> Reflexes, knowing what to do, feeling for fight distance etc. all that has to be appropriately trained.