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    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! KKW 17th F.I.C.

    I didn't even think about that! So I guess it must be true! :D
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    What would you do?

    Just to go against the curve (although I guess it's pretty inline with Master Stoker and ATC)... By teaching classes this way you are only allowing the positive influence of martial arts to touch 10 people. Maybe by making just a few modifications you could bump that number up to 20. You'll...
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    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! KKW 17th F.I.C.

    Yeah, it is strange, but I really thought we would never receive them. Guess I'll believe it when I see it...
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    My percieved presence of Tae Kwon Do in the United States by Dr. Benjamin Rush

    My instructor was quite involved with the USTW on a local measure, but I didn't realize it was still "alive". What is the current status of the USTW? It's website hasn't been updated in quite sometime (early 2008 I believe). Thanks!
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    Dreaming about Self Defense?

    Great points. Do you have another method?
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    Winter Grappling In The Snow!

    Every year we spar out in the snow. Only a couple times a year does it snow during an adult class, so if you didn't show up that night you missed out. Always a good time!
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    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! KKW 17th F.I.C.

    Me too! I have been more excited to practice Tae Gueks after that weekend than I have in a long time. I have been doing TKD for a long time, and have always loved it, but it is nice to get a little "spark" now and then!
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    Dreaming about Self Defense?

    My martial arts nightmare is always that I am puching and kicking the bad guy as hard as I can but the blows just barely land, like I am just a tad too far away to really connect. But like Flea, I just figure it is just my subconscious and don't worry about it. Most of my martial arts dreams...
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    Dojang Facebook Page

    Why would you make it a fan page Mango?
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    Dojang Facebook Page

    That was more my thought. It was mentioned at the KKW Instructors Course (NOT from the same guy who said to sell hot chocolate!), and I thought it could be a good idea. Not as recruitment tool, but more like giving people an area to "brag" might be good (post pictures, say congrats, etc) or...
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    Dojang Facebook Page

    And why do you think that sir?
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    Body scratching - specific for arts

    Great! It is so nice to hear the follow-up info on posts like this!
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    Dojang Facebook Page

    Do you have one? If you do is it a person's page, or a fan page? What do you use it for (pictures, event info, etc)? How have your students responded to it?
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    Hardcoer TKD Class

    I just wanted to clarify that it wasn't sparring that lead to injury in my experience. It was more something like, a night of roundhouse kicks and the next day one guy's old football knee injury acts up and he is out for a week or two. Or doing some running up and down the floor and someone...
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    Taekwondo Times

    Yeah, for the most part it's not that great, and in the past it seemed to have been full of kuk sool wan more than anything. I usually subscribe for a year or two, then don't renew for 6 months to a year, and then renew again. Also keep in mind it only comes out every other month. Don't...