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    Brian's New Jersey, New York Experience!

    Bronx Zoo better than Central Park Zoo O:nen ki' wahi' Bye for now
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    Did you put your flag out today?

    My Flag's been out since the people of Six Nations occupied the Douglas Estates near Hamilton Ontario, land given us by King George as a thank you for our Allegiance to the British Crown. Not the Flag you meant tho I'm sure, mine is the Mohawk Warrior Flag ;-) Skennen Peace.
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    What American accent do you have?

    Said I was from Northeast and I am, Brooklyn Boy here, was waiting to see if they had jeetyet(did you eat yet) there and one two tree(three) hehehehehe'
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    Brazilian Rosewood experiences?

    I think the import of Brazilian Rosewood has been banned in the US too
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    PS 154 Spring Carnival Amerikick Demo

    Kwe sewakwekon, Hello everyone, here's a clip of the Amerikick Brooklyn DEmo Team preforming at PS 154's Spring Carnival. As always I've altered the video a bit to protect the identity of the children. Enjoy BTW if you search on for Kwiter you...
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    Mariachi and Karate Videos

    Kwe sewakwekon, Hello all, some folks have said they can't find the videos, if you use Firefox simply use the following URL to create a Feed in Firefox that will let you see all new videos as they become available or use any other prg that supports rss feeds...
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    What comedian would you vote for president?

    Charlie Hill.......there's enough Thieves in DC already no pont sending Mencia another there.
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    US Laws concerning Martial Arts

    Well Hell Bob, thats funny but lets get crazier, still on books in the Dakota's that 5 or more Indians together constitutes a War party and you can shoot em. Oral and Anal Sex is illegal in alot of places wether consensual or not. IN NY Automatic Knives are illegal with a laundry list of...
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    Firearms Magazines

    Switch subscriptions every year or two too as they ALL tend to recycle stories. May not be Exactly the same but very similar. O:nen ki' wahi' Bye for now
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    Chuck Norris MT Dew Commercial

    That was different :-)
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    South Park: Mac vs PC

    What a gas!
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    Is the organic label worth the cost?

    I once picked up a carton of "Special" eggs at the grocers, I'd have gotten away with it too but the Cashier said that will be $4.50 and I nearly had a BM and asked if they had "Regular" eggs, answer yes, $0.89 per dozen What a great Scam ehnit? If you are that concerned raise and grow yer...
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    ninja on mythbusters this week (4/25/07)

    Ya might try finding it on O:nen ki' wahi' Bye for now
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    Karate won't be paying for their college tuition

    Florida State Attorney General might like to hear this wee story eh.
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    Yeah...Orange Belt!

    Nia:wen kowa sewakwekon, Thank you everyone, they are 6 and 7 YO's , their Instructor usually splits them up in class actually. He creates 3-4 "Teams" and they are rarely on the same team. At home they take turns beating on Pads with me holding them, the older one definitely tries to help her...