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    Cleaning of 'Zebra mats'

    I have 2,000 square foot floor with Zebra mats. I am also fanatical about clean! Over the holidays we needed to deep scrub the mats and I didn't want to buy the machine on the Zebra web site so we hand scrubbed them. That was a piece of work! dirty! So I am going to invest in the machine...
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    The knee is NOT the best target for self defense

    Interesting observation. I would concur! I think if you attack the knee it should be after you have deprived them of clarity of thought!
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    Poomsae Gurus

    Tom, How would you know what I'm up to date on. You made an assumption and you know what they say about making assumptions. You don't know me either. However, My friend zDom does know me. zDom I am humbled an honored by your post.
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    Poomsae Gurus

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    Poomsae Gurus

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    KONNICHIWA! I'm new! Please say "hi"

    welcome to MT! ;)
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    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    Hey! what up? Been a while! Hope everyone is doing great?
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    Least favorite kicks

    Flying kicks....use to love them (still do) my knees hate them. its not the jump...its the landing. :)
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    Respect in martial arts

    For me personally, I approach, speak and bow 1st every time I get the chance. I believe I must set the example for my students. I think the martial arts school should be as refined as possible. When I walk into my school (if there is a class going on) the senior students stops the class and...
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    New to the site

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    Presidential Motorcade

    Kinda makes me want to Salute!
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    Welcome to MT! Enjoy
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    Hello all.

    Welcome to MT!
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    finally starting

    Congradulations on your decission!