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  • ive got a huge idea for the school! I will call you tomorrow with details.
    Thank yoy, sir. It's my new logo. The guy who designed it is a graffic artist. He hated most school logos & wanted something different. I gave him a list of information about TKD CDK & he drew the wave. I love it!
    I am doing well and how are you? I hope well. IM me if you want my personal email.
    Why yes, that is the back of my balding head. I'm honored that you'd post my best side.:)
    I think I just finished my form, care to take a look tomorrow between tigers and youth?
    Thank you for the nice comment on the photo of GM Park, Hae Man and myself (that was last year...sponsored him earlier this Spring but can't figure out how to get the photos here....where are my kids when I need them? :)
    We had a great conversation. Thank you for that. You are a good guy and the folks on the TKD BB will benefit from your knowledge man. Thanks for the add.
    My friend I have been here forever. Plus I would pull for you like I do my own students. I do believe you know this too be true. It is funny, there are only a few of us on the board who are actually "good" and are who we are in person and in real life as well. Terry1965, IcemanSK, Drac, Kacey, of course Scott. You should post Mr. Wall, I would rep ya for good "Quip's" of knowledge.
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